🎉 Welcome to discourse.bomberblitz.com


@Riolio , Kaspersky doesn’t seem to like Blitz certificate anymore. Any ideas?


Not sure about that. I know at random times an image or two won’t load and it’s seemingly an SSL problem. But the certificate is legit… https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=discourse.bomberblitz.com


I can’t even find mine. :microscope:


‘Expand’ your info on your page.


I was member #11 from memory.


Thanks Deckham - the one button I hadn’t clicked on.

Also joined Nov 16 '03 - must have been after one or other of the Blitz crashes back in the old days.

I also learned from that page that my trust level is regular… must be all that bran.


Can we limit the amount of posts that be quoted in a post? The James Hird thread looks ■■■■■■




James Hird- survivor thread. There is something like a post that has been quoted and quoted and quoted to the point that you can only read the post downwards like Chinese books (mobile version)


I see I joined Oct 13, '04. I’m only a young bloke. Must be all those botulism spikes.


I raised the title issue as well previously.

I don’t really care about it, just thought it was odd that it’s gone. After you updated the groups (and people got elite, player sponsor etc) I went back in to look at the titles and when I and came back out it was gone.

Seems it’s maybe something that can only be done by Riolio/other mods.


Any way to have your own posts highlighted like in Vanilla, Riolo?


Yeah,… 'twas handy that, …

While I’m here though, … I do have a slightly annoying “thing” to ask about, as per the tracking choices and the stated settings.

When you set for “Tracking”, it doesn’t seem to do exactly as it says it will, which to me is actually perfect.

As highlighted, … what it actually does is notify you of EVERY reply to a topic you have posted in, as it says it only should in “WATCHING”, rather than just for a direct reply to your post, or a @mention, and whilst not stated, also for “likes”.

The next down does what “Tracking” should on the reply notif.s, but unfortunately, won’t show the post count in the blue dot’s, … which I never realised, is very handy when it comes to deciding which thread you might open & when.

Like I said, it’s a fairly minor, but nonetheless, surprisingly frustrating thing but, just wondering if the settings for the “TRACKING” option can be tweaked to do what they actually say it will, … as I reckon it’s the perfect choice if it does, and likely would be for most here.

EDIT: I’ll leave the post so folk know what I’m on about, … but I think I just solved the mystery … there’s a setting in the pref’s to auto set threads you’ve “replied” to, . to “WATCHING” or “TRACKING”.

It’s default set is for watching, … just had to change it to “TRACKING” to match what I have set all threads to.


Don’t bother Gillsy, I never ■■■■■■ got my paid long service leave from BB when I hit my 10 milestone. I demand to speak to HR about it!!


HR: Oh ■■■■, we have a tonne of people coming up to their ten years’ service. Quick, come up with a reason to migrate to new software!


So @Riolio, will the site address eventually be updated without the discourse bit?


Nope, it’ll live on this subdomain from now on.


So discourse is our Subdomainatrix now?

She owns us …


Has anyone else been getting Blitz posts in their email?


In the spirit of constantly changing things I’ve changed the following

“Football Discussion” is now bright red
“Dustin Fletcher Hanger” is now black, so when combined it is red and black (like our jumper)
“Non Essendon” is now blue, so when combined it is red and blue (like the AFL logo)