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Okay yeah so that’s the cause but I’ll just have to submit a request for a fix, because I can’t see what the error appears.

And though I don’t want to go looking for donations because the ads are terrible, details about donations are in the FAQs


FYI… I’m getting this error when clicking the PayPal link… and I’m too much of a numpty to work out how to send money without it.

You have requested an outdated version of PayPal. This error often results from the use of bookmarks.


Hmm I haven’t looked at that for awhile.


This is a test post, because I couldn’t reply to the Ridley thread on my phone and I’m checking to see if it’s like that for all threads.

Edit: looks ok here…


What error did it give you?


No error, just stuck with a ‘saving’ spinner at the bottom of the screen after hitting reply, and the post never posted. Didn’t hang the browser or even the page, just didn’t post.


Does the @ function not work on this site? When I try to @ someone it just comes up with my name and then a handful of others


start typing the name and give it a sec to load @rossoneri


Need more patience I guess


Has @Stallion taken over blitz?


Is there a problem with the notifications? Not getting any of there is a reply to a thread or a post. Only likes


Maybe @Riolio turned off some functions during the great depression and hasn’t turned them back on?


I’m suddenly not getting PM “Message” notifications on the top left as I always have,… and a couple I sent, have remained only in my “Sent” page, with just my avatar showing as if they haven’t been responded to, instead of transferring to the Inbox with the respondents avatar on it, when they are replied to as they usually do.???

Anyone else having similar issues?


I’m suddenly getting spammed with old notifications from days ago which I’ve already been notified of. Weird


Yup. It was telling me Blitz was down, then it came back, now I’m being killed with old notifications.




Rolo reinstating the notifications after peak Sydney server load?


Yeah I have a whole stack of threads set to ‘Watching’ when they are usually ‘Normal’




nobody loves me so i’m not getting any notifications. ever.