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FFQ rules.

Mozilla is back Baby!


At some point I’ll turn off the spam firewall and see if results are any different because there seems to be too many false positives.


Looking good Mr Griggs.

I have a feeling this forum will be a much more fun place over the next few years with recent personal changes both on and off the field. I was surprised to find I was still able to log on.

Hope you and the family are well!



Turned off? Not happening for me now.


First day back at work and I can’t log in on my computers (one PC and one mac).

It just keeps saying I can’t log in from this IP address. I’ve looked at the FAQ and the staff page, nothing there. Help?


The Muted tracking option is very handy for hiding boring threads, of which I keep discovering more and more this summer time.

But - anybody? - supposing I should change my mind, how is it possible to unmute a thread?


At the end of the thread, just below the replying button, you should see a button saying muted (that is if you muted this thread), click and then you’ll see a drop menu where you can click unmute or track if you want.


Thank you, but (here’s the snag) muted threads don’t show up anywhere at all that I’ve found. So they have no ends.

Still at sea


profile settings > categories > scroll down.


Nobody seems to get the question. I have not muted a category, I’ve muted several threads out of the Dustin Fletcher Hangar, so the above (sorry @barnz) is not the answer.

Never mind, I’ve solved it myself. I find that the Search function turns up results for all tracking levels, so I can use that to locate my muted thread and from then on the process is trivial.

Of course, this works only if I can remember something about what the muted thread was called. But it’s better than nothing, anyway.


Muted threads appear as usual in their particular forum. They’re just (?) hidden when you request new posts (which I assume is what nearly everyone does).


This does not seem to be true.
For experiment I just now went and muted the Numbersss thread out of the Fletcher Hanger, and also the infamous “Please Ban Me” - the Review Thread vs Sydney. Lo, neither now appears in my view of the Fletcher Hangar, or in fact anywhere I can find except in Search.


Well, I can definitely see a lot of rubbish sport threads in the sports forum, and I’ve muted them.

EDIT: nope, there are just more rubbish sport threads I haven’t muted yet.


Yep, I don’t see the boomerang thread anymore


Yeah, … somethings changed.

You used to be able to see them by going out of “Latest” and into categories, … but not anymore.

Seems the only way to do it, is to Log Out, then go into the threads you might want to check on/ re - track, then log in while in the thread, and un-mute.


For some time now I’ve been unable to log in on my Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband account. Log-in is fine on my regular landline service with Bendigo Telecom, but when I’m away from home on tour or whatever I can’t get into Blitz. Here’s the message I get when I try to log in on my Telstra 4G Mobile:

I’ve tried emptying caches, restarting, and so on, but no dice. I’m using Firefox on a MacBook Pro, btw. Any ideas on fixing this ?


For some reason the security certificate on here doesn’t pass muster for whatever reason. I’ve not been able to correct this yet but do need to spend time again on it…


Ah well. Thanks for trying.


Is there a “dumb question” amnesty? If so, how does one quote the other poster when replying?


Hit reply and then on the top left of your toolbox you’ll see a little speech bubble.
Hit dat.