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Seems the most likely explanation.


Does this count for people who stay logged in? Because then that doesnโ€™t really count, does it?


And thereโ€™s 24 other sad cases like me :frowning:


โ€œWhen I look back now, the day I got that badge was a real wake up call for me.โ€


Itโ€™d be loading a page every day for a year.

Even I didnโ€™t get that one. Far out you lot.


Webmaster Rolo subtle bragging about his India trip


Tempted to rename this badge โ€œPlease Stopโ€




How many different badges are there on offer?





Not quite the purple heart or Victoria Cross, but still something to aspire to. I have bequeathed my Blitz badges to my niece and nephew.


Each year they will wear them with pride on the March to the G.


those annoying Error 521s


I just rebuilt the forum a little earlier so it was down for a few minutes


In preparation for tomorrow? Meltdown or celebration.


When it was down I did wonder why anyone would prompt Rioli to โ€œfixโ€ things at the last minute. We donโ€™t learn.


I miss reimers mode.


I just imagined traffic was at capacity because of the excitement building towards the Carlton Vs Richmond match tonight.


Imagine the scenes if Carlton did in Richmondโ€ฆ


Is there any reason why we canโ€™t post gifs of any decent length? Seems dodge.