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Haha! The fewest badges that have been given out are for those who have completed user tutorials (1 for beginner and 0 for advanced).


Discourse had a major upgrade recently and things have been a bit screwy since. Ran a minor update today and itโ€™s made some small changes but still seems a bit off. I may need to spend some time, particularly on the mobile version, correcting it. But I am aware. FYI.


That explains why scrolling on ipad has gone to โ– โ– โ– โ– 


What about opening up second tabs for no reason?


Thatโ€™s news to meโ€ฆ


Dis cโ€“t


Bring back the unread topics in bold!


Seems to happen alot in the Joe daniher thread.


Mobile version going really wierd now.


Reckon youโ€™ve probably got some problematic browser extensions interferring


Just testing some things. The post count viewer is appearing the middle of the page for me atm


Iโ€™ve just thrown a massive overhaul at the theme.

See the old one was one I cobbled together. But this one is a much better version of a similar look I was going for anyway. Thereโ€™ll be some bugs to squash but hopefully this gets closerโ€ฆ


Look up a notification and itโ€™s highlighted. nice

edit: Actually, that also happens when you enter a thread.

edit 2: not sure if the quoting is an improvement.


Whoa mobile is mega-borkedโ€ฆ


Oh yeah


Great for mobile, terrible for desktop.


Ooh, new fonts. Dunno if deliberateโ€ฆ

I like the latest post being temporarily highlighted; just make it red instead of blue.


Not bad, I like the coloursโ€ฆ


Reason I stuck with the blue for so long is because when you use red at lighter shades itโ€™s just pink.

Thereโ€™s not a less flexible colour combo to work with than black and red. It sucks.


Now feeling like Iโ€™m in a Disco โ€ฆ