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Cool your jets mod lover.


I like the new look.

Zero problems for me on mobile (GS8/Brave).




Can we run this thread the same as the dj king thread? You make a change, if it gets 10 yes votes you make another. If you get 10 no votes you nominate the next webmaster.

Winning formula.


Red rim works way better, โ€ฆ could last longer without being painful โ€ฆ


Ah what you talking about there?

This site is family freindly





Not so sure about the pink highlights :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we please turn back to the pale blue instead of this red/pink nightmare? I know our colours are red and black, but this is very hard on the eyes.


Personally I have no issue with how it currently is nor how it previously was. Rolo webmaster has far better understanding of what does and doesnโ€™t look good from a design / aestheticis / usability point of view. Just give him time to tweak it.

Itโ€™s streets ahead of abominations such as Talking (fark)Carlton in both appearance and content.


Move Red back and put Blue forward! :stuck_out_tongue:




I know they are the Bluesโ€ฆ but really?? Blue on blue?


I use the Android version.

Personally, I prefer the โ€˜time since postedโ€™ for each post to remain on a right sideโ€ฆso it matches the positioning at the thread title levelโ€ฆI just think itโ€™s easier for my brain.

Andโ€ฆit appears that the Likes/Share line at the bottom of each post appears larger than it used to be? Maybe slightly? Not sure I like it.

I may just be too old to embrace change.


Iโ€™m too colour blind to embrace all these red/light red/pink shenanigans.


Weโ€™re red on red now. The new red layout is crap


Iโ€™m gonna guess that the 'Mute" plugin/add on isnโ€™t compatible with the discourse update, and weโ€™ll have to wait until the maker, (hopefully) updates it to suit? @Riolio


Right on cue.