๐ŸŽ‰ Welcome to discourse.bomberblitz.com


Much preferred the red to purple. Sorry @bomberjase


Much prefer the the black.

You could almost say that Iโ€™d rather not go back.


The black looks better but it makes the site very one dimensionalโ€ฆ is there a reason we canโ€™t have dark red with white script like the reply button?


Or Black script maybe?? :thinking:


Nahโ€ฆ black on red is awful to read


On mobile now, black on grey is awesome. I vote to keep this


Black on grey works well. My vote to keep


rolo, now is your chance to go all out clash strip. FLUORO YELLLOW ERRYWHERE


Donโ€™t mind the grey generally but it doesnโ€™t work well for the notification alert. The grey disappears against the dark red with gradient in mobile and I can barely read the number in the alert.


Make this the ross the boss forum you dreamed of.


Finally i understand the meaning of this




Yes demotriou


When trying to right swipe and go back to the previous page while using Safari on iPhone X the page is stuck although I can go up and down on the page Iโ€™m on.

I donโ€™t have this problem using the chrome app although I would prefer to use safari


Whatโ€™s this all about, a link leading to this message:

"Oops! That page doesnโ€™t exist or is private."

Is this the work of Illuminati live at BB?


I think Iโ€™ve somehow managed to subscribe to every thread in the Hangar - ie I get notifications every time there I a new post. Help me Rolo


By default everyone gets subscribed the first time they post to a thread. Just go to the bottom left of the thread page and switch it at the concealed menu above โ€œSuggested Topicsโ€ and/or set your preferred setup in the preferences:


Yeah but this has never happened before though? Only today am I getting notifications for a bunch of threads, including threads I havenโ€™t been into for ages


You can subscribe to a whole Category here, check these settings:


Is there an issue with chrome / android?

Everytime I go to a new page I need to force refresh to be able to quick scroll to the most recent, and most times I reply, i need to also force refresh page before the reply button works