🎉 Welcome to discourse.bomberblitz.com


The app is telling me that the site I am trying to view (Blitz) is using an outdated version of the software. Refuses to load :grimacing:


Has the formatting changed?


Seems to. I like it.


I keep having to log in every time on my phone. iPad is fine. Laptop is fine.


It’s now very airy on mobile.

(It looks good, but would be painful reading/scrolling a long/busy thread. I’d prefer the padding be slightly less generous.)


I second this!!! Don’t like the new font look.


Working very well now on the app!


Got no issues on my phone at all, via firefox


That’s what i use on my iPhone. Keep getting logged out.


Had this weird thing that when I logged in with my phone, the fonting colour went all weird and kept changing colours.


Did you blink one and eat two?


Same. I went straight to the fridge & checked the label on my mushrooms. Shiitake all the way, so I knew that it was a technical gremlin. :grin:


I gather people can’t block me anymore, more’s the pity, but is there any way to block threads. I like to stay abreast of lots of the content of the Blitz diaspora but it ■■■■■ me when the threads hosting vicarious Trumpites keep popping up every time I check in. Just the sight of them makes me feel dirty.


At the bottom, above “Suggested Topics”, there’s a button that likely currently reads “Normal” or “Tracking”. Click it, and choose “Muted”.


It worked!!! Although when I first went in it said tracking but after I clicked it came up with the normal option and now it appears automatically. Never mind, it got rid if them, I owe you…but then so do most of us who follow the VFL.
Your blood should be bottled!!!


I’d prefer to keep it bottled within me, thanks.


It sounded like a compliment…kind of…


You should relabel that button to ‘Munted’



Personally I think it’s worth ensuring that Blitz stays up in moments of heavy heavy traffic. For instance if we win a final, I don’t think anyone wants to be in a position where we’ve been Blitzing for many many low years but aren’t able to do so in a moment of triumph.

I remember many years back you had a donation drive where people could give what they could to keep the site up and running. I remember donating. I’d do so again if it could be used to ensure Blitz stays up in big moments. I reckon a lot of others would do the same.


Mr donation tough guy over here.