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I kind of agree with Rolo here. We only need the space maybe once a year?


Yep, but at the most important time (probably a few times a year not just one)

If the members of the forum are willing to pay then all should be good, right?


What does the invite button, invite to?



I wonder how Blitz would go if we ran it for a while with no names, no avatars, and no profile to see who posters are?


You and I would have to change our posting habits so no could work out who it was.

The VFL team never win the premiership, stuff ‘em.


You mean everyone posting to the same forum anonymously?

It’ll never catch on.






I trolled the Richmond site many years ago, in better times (sigh), which is why I got this email.
I share it here for your very limited interest.

Hi wimmera1,

As mentioned in my last post on the site:

I am aware that some on the site have concerns about the number of times that I’ve changed the software that runs on this site. I have made no secret of the fact that I like Yellow and Black to use software that I can learn from and perhaps use elsewhere.

With this forum software (Discourse) I have to admit that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, that’s for sure. While I believe that the software itself is superior to other forum software that is currently available; for a ‘tinkerer’ like myself, it’s driving me crazy! There are restrictions on many aspects of the software and I am unfamiliar with the programming language - Ruby on Rails - and even less so when it comes to the ‘container’ on the server in which it runs. The software doesn’t even have a setting for closing the site!

Needless to say, this has reduced my enjoyment of the site as I no longer have the same control as I once had. I have tried offering to pay programmers to migrate from this forum to other software. The response is the same - it’s too difficult and nobody has ever moved FROM Discourse rather than TO Discourse so they aren’t keen to take it on.

I have decided to move to new forum software which I think you’ll like much more. I know that it’s certainly much more easily tweaked, that’s for sure! You’ll find the new site here: https://yellowandblack.com.au

Things to take into account:

  • 2018 posts won’t be found here. I’m working on a way to get a read only or to migrate the discussions.

  • Your E-mail address is the same as what it was before the last software move ([email protected]). I’m working on updating them, so if you don’t have access to your old E-mail address, send me a PM with the details and I’ll fix the issue.

  • I’m working on the colour scheme :slight_smile:

  • Please don’t log any issues (other than you can’t login)

  • If you can’t login, do a password reset (remembering that it’ll go to the last E-mail address you had in December 2017). If all else fails, send me a message

  • Enjoy!


Trolling as Pimpinio_Tigers ??


Nope, but good idea!


I figured that may be the case after I saw the letter said Hi wimmera1…




Bunch of updates to the forum software + theme today. Please post any bugs.




The dislike button has disappeared… oh … wait.


I’ve got a weird grey line in the banner that doesn’t look great.

Drop down from the profile pic on the top right of screen needs reformatting.


Mmm, … wasn’t sure if it was meant to be that way, or if a bit borked after update??


I’d need to be a hammerhead shark to read the Latest Post screen (which I imagine is what we all use) on the laptop.
Seems okay on the phone.