🎉 Welcome to discourse.bomberblitz.com


:thinking: Looks pretty much the same on my laptop,…


Mine doesn’t look like that after the update.
There’s a length of blank white space about the same size as the thread title between the title and the user avatars.




Thread title and sub-forum shows at top on mobile: awesome.

Though it may encourage me to change thread titles more often :wink:


System automatically remove quote of the above post?


And yet it doesn’t…?


Right thread this time…


That’s a feature I don’t mind in practice, to be honest. Stops 50,000 word post quotes.


Still waiting for all categories to be listed in the burger menu. It’s particularly annoying when Regurgitated is in the top 8 categories…


i miss the favicon.

Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://discourse.bomberblitz.com/’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure favicon ‘http://bomberblitz.com/favicon.ico’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.


Ha, all the LIKEs now get shown (not just the first ten). I’m going to be clicking on all popular posts and searching for obscenities formed by the people without avatars.


Quoting of posts is fkn borked??

Infuriating thinking, …“I quoted that?” and going again, and trying again … and, …


We should have goals, points and out of bounds rather than likes


Entering the protected area.


The user profile button gets hidden when scrolling through.

Other than that nothing seems to have changed


You really, really need to get a life Dave.


Dave needs a life??? I’m busy registering Neagle Olarenshaw Bewick Hird Ezard Andrews and Denham as usernames…


I’m using Android.

So the top banner now changes, depending on whether my last action was to scroll DOWN or UP.

Sometimes, when I stop touching the screen, the top banner acts as though there is slight vibration going on with my phone…and so the top banner keeps flipping back and forth between the two options…could just be my phone…anyone else experienced this?


Don’t you need Keane as well?


When I scroll up, the banner disappears and when I scroll down it re-appears. Don’t get any vibration though