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Trying to leave one in every thread. :grin:


The quote facility is still borked!

Doesnโ€™t matter if Iโ€™m on PC or Android. The quote will be there in the body of the message Iโ€™m typing but then disappear when the message goes live.


Donโ€™t quote the whole post. Select a small amount of text and quote that.

upgrade from your prehistoric iphone 4s and get a decent ios version you luddite


I went from a 3GS to an SE late last year. It was a revelation.


Same as Doe. I chose the SE because it was a hell of a lot like the 4, but more powerful. I didnโ€™t want one of those ultra HD 60" phones.


Thatโ€™s fine unless the post youโ€™re quoting is 3 or 4 words,โ€ฆ that are all relevant, and it wouldnโ€™t make any sense without the lot.

Itโ€™s got to be a glitch, surely? It would be ridiculous to add it as a thing.


Where are our fearless leaders?



@Bomb_Doe donโ€™t go abusing that power.




Does Riolio still barrack for the Bombers anymore?


Who cares. We have discobot now.


There seems to be a new rule in the background that doesnโ€™t permit more than three posts in a row by the same person. Is there anyway of overriding it as it makes reporting in threads like VFL really hard? If not, Iโ€™ll just keep editing original posts until someone else comments.


nazi moderators


Does Rolo still come here since he moved?


Our Round 1 performance is bringing a few absent Blitzers backโ€ฆ


I know it is a dumb question but how do I update my user profile to put up a pic


click on top right icon

and then click on this icon,


and on the new page scroll down to Profile Picture and press the edit button and upload a pic



Not sure the ad targeting is working perfectly rn


itโ€™s been 24 days Blethyn68 and you still havenโ€™t updated to a pic. Come on man, just do it.


This is more like it