Welcome to Essendon - #49 Jaiden Hunter - cower before him, 2024

Reckon my man is sticking around in the red and black or he probably would have been let go today with the other three


Shown something in a year, surely

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I think so I reckon if he gets healthy and gets a full preseason he will take that second forward role over jones and weideman


Yeah Hunter looks the goods, he is a natural forward, kicks well and has strong hands. Will be great next to Wright in 2024.


Didn’t see much of him from the couch. However from the little I saw, looks a likely lad and needs another year.

Coul be a player if we don’t keep breaking him.


Exactly right. Hunter has all the attributes to make it as a key forward. I’ll be very disappointed if he’s delisted. I think the development of players like Hobbs, Tsatas, Bryan, Voss, Baldwin, the Davey twins, Hayes etc is crucial to the team’s future success.


I would extremely disappointed if they delist Hunter. He should be given a 1 year extension.


A fit and listed Jaiden Hunter is our finals win condition.


perenially injured
He got drafted off the back of talented junior career, and injury derailment
but only played 3 games of WAFL - where he dominated. & 2 VFL games

It would mostly go on how he fits in at the club, how his preparation has been and work on recovery etc.

back stress fractures can be a serious injury, but if it was only minor, given not picked up initially in efc medical pre draft, then maybe he will be able to get a full preseason in. If he isnt right then I guess we add him to injury list and bring in a SSP player and hope he plays in second half of year.

also did a ACL in 2022.

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This kid’s body is gonna crumble under these crazy expectations

Or it also reflects how he went in the WAFL as well as the VFL ….

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Suspect with Rosa’s appointment Hunter will get another year


Yeah he kicked five against the peels reserve side so you’d imagine he would know him well enough to keep him around


Our best natural forward since Lloyd. Perhaps ever.


Certainly looked right at home down forward. If he recovers OK and has a good pre-season well, I can see a revamped forward line post bye 2024 shaping like:

Perkins 2MP Gresham (maybe?)
Langford Hunter Menzie

With Voss, Stringer, Guelfi, Tex, ADJ and Harry all pushing for selection. Not a bad concept suddenly …

But first thing’s first. Sign this young man on.



Wtf? Based off one VFL game ?


Perhaps not. More likely that is the case. You are going overboard on the hype just a little prematurely.

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Charlie ain’t winning the Coleman in 2024

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Purely on a physical basis he has what we are looking for: 6 foot 6 tall who can fill a key position role. Having said that I will note our leading goal kicker this year is “only” 6 foot 3.

On the flip side he fits right in with the club as it stands. More time on the bench due to injury than on the park.

Personally, I reckon give him another season to prove himself and make a decision then.