Welcome to Essendon - #49 Jaiden Hunter - cower before him, 2024

I’ve been saying this for a while now and getting shouted down.
We look far more dynamic and dangerous without him for mine

I have all my fingers and toes crossed that J Davey is everything we hope he is.

That speed and agility with freakish goal kicking ability changes our forward line.


Watching Jaiden Davey do laps in 2023 pre-season he looked almost ready to go. The club has taken a long-term view and extra cautious to build his muscle strength around his ACLs and make sure he is super ready for pre-season 2024. If successful he will be a real bonus as his forward craft has always been better than Alwyn in the forward line. Alwyn has always been better around the midfield. It will be an exciting watch over the next 3 months that could end with great excitiement or frustrating disappointment. Let’s hope it’s the former and we see Jaiden leap “frog” into the forward line! With the other Jaiden, “the Hunter” variety, he too could be another surprise packet for the forward line giving us more options for 2024 than we could have dreamed of at the start of 2023.


Having JDAV available in 2024 will be like having a new recruit.

Exciting possibilities.

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Needed to be put in here.


Looks mean , nasty, ugly.

I like this a lot. Not a pretty boy forward.
Played mostly as a Ruckman and Defender.
Is he the second coming of Hooker, except arriving at a much younger age. He is also bigger at same age and with a level of arrogance it took a long time for Hooker to develop

A lot to like with this bloke…


Any of the above list apart from Weideman!

at 205cm maybe Reid should be added as a potential resting ruck forward.
Hunter too given he used to be a defender/ruck


I really really really want to see what this kid can do this year. From the little I have seen there is a lot to like, while still having a bit to work on.



Shattered for the kid, and for the team as really thought he could be a viable option this year



Really saddened by the news of his injury. I hope he can make a comeback, even if it’s for another AFL team.


Reid’s body is already made of Papier mache; no way he should be given any ruck duties.

Club release calls it “innocuous”. Aren’t they all?

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This is so disappointing……time for Jones to step up ……can we get Voss back (kidding)?

Feel dreadfully sorry for the young man. Bit flat now.


Horrible news. Realistically, career over for him.

Does this mean we can find a replacement somewhere?

Well. This is ■■■■.

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Poor Bastard

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