Welcome to Essendon - #49 Jaiden Hunter - cower before him, 2024

considering hunters durability, it wouldnt shock me if weid is kept for depth and hunter goes


Using a pie chart is a cheap shot. On multiple fronts.


Is using a pie chart a cheap shot?

  • Yes, but only on a single front
  • Yes, on multiple fronts
  • More pie please
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This is part of reason he was able to get new contract for this year

They saw how diligent he was in the recovery from the back stress fracture/hot spot

I reckon they will back him in again so long as does what he needs to with ACL recovery


I don’t want be the one who shots Bambi but I don’t think Bryan is going to be the player we thought he would become.
He seems to have gone backwards, he doesn’t have the forward nous or do enough around the ground.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see vigo push past him in the pecking order by the end of next year

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Even with both on our list our depth is light on. One can’t play and the other can’t even get on the field. Delist both and bring in someone more durable.

Easier said than done. Key forwards don’t grow on trees.

I get that, but how long do you persist?

From the talent I’ve seen from Hunter (although limited) I think the risk to keep him on the list for another year is worth it, considering he is a rookie.


He has played 1.5 games.

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Which makes it more impressive because he has performed when he has got out there. I include the handful of WAFL games too before he got draft.

That’s what the rookie list should be for, taking risks on these types

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I think he was averaging 4 goals a game at wafl and wafl reserves before being drafted if I remember correctly