Welcome to Essendon - Ben McKay

thought there might have been a bit more talk about Ben keeping Harry to a single goal (free kick)

I dont think it a great game offensively, but defensively keeping a Coleman medal winning full foward to one goal is very admirable.


Agree. Ben has the brotherly bragging rights as of now!!


Can’t argue with keeping your direct opponent to a goal, it’s obvious job 1A as a defender but I can’t help but feel that he’s only just been going this last month. Which I guess is in step with the team as a whole. But even still, some guys have stood out during that time whereas it’s felt as though Ben has looked a bit plain and lethargic compared to his first 8-9 matches.
The bye should help.


Will help
He has had a big load

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Yes agree with that assessment. Hasn’t been able to take the big marks he was taking first 8-9 rounds

Ben clearly took the points but it was a non-event because the McKay brothers barely featured inside the fifty.

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Except that flog Robbie Williams just posted a song “we got the better McKay”



LOL, Bad timing by him. Doesn’t hold up after the weekend.

Robbie Williams should stick to writing ■■■■ pop songs…

Harrys goal was from a bs free kick so Ben has the bragging rights

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you cant have bragging rights as a forward if you only kick 1 goal.

at the same time though, Ben did sweet FA as well.

nil all draw really.

Nah slightly better than Nil all draw…

McKay and Ridley kept Curnow and McKay to 3 goals, and we kept Cripps and Walsh to 22 + 19 disposals you probably think we win. Plus add in + 20 inside 50’s + 4 scoring shots + 10 free kicks, more disposals, hitouts, tackles.

On the blues side they kept Wright, Stringer and Langford to 1 goal and Merrett to 21 disposals.


bens entire job was to stop his brother, he did that, thats a win

Robbie Williams is dead to me !


Especially when “Harry the teaser” or as I’d refer “Harry the Wanker” claimed kicking 5 goals on Ben would be par