Welcome to Essendon - Jade Gresham

If there are no good players to get I suggest we get none. I don’t buy shittty stock because there’s no good stock. I hang on to my cash and buy good stock when it becomes available.

If we are really paying Gresham anywhere near $700k and McKay $800k then we may as well pack up and go home! The one thing we have is cap space and we’ve gone and blown a stack of it on two average at best players. Stupid, stupid Essendon.

Average that there was a bidding war for Mckay and both Tigers and Carlton were intrtesed in gresham

I suspect we have only “blown” a fraction of our surplus cap space.


The cap is going up too isnt it

Unfortunately looking at the names we are grabbing I don’t think we’re shifting the needle. We might have added enough to offset the more challenging draw we’ll get this year but we are still looking like a 7-12th ish side.

Feels like entrenching mediocrity to me, hope I’m wrong.

Edit: i do think Duursma would be a good get, 6’2” ish defensive mid with elite running is a gap for us

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I disagree.

We’re still one of the youngest lists in the comp and we’ve been holding onto 2+ mill of salary cap space since 2021 for when Curnow, H.McKay, Papley, Naughton, etc were going to nominate us.

About time we actually use our biggest asset (cap space) to improve the list, especially when we can do so whilst also keeping our top end draft picks.

McKay & Duursma > BZT
Gresham > Snelling
Goldstein > Phillips

Can move on Heppell, Stringer, Kelly, Laverde, Shiel, etc next year if we need more cash.

But we still must have plenty in the bank, given we were keen on Oliver as well.


Yep. Also this:


Bombers get Gresham (essendonfc.com.au)


Looks far far faster than Snello.

We seem to have a knack for having players that have one (or two) outstanding year(s) only to constantly get injured and never recapture form (Devon Smith anyone).

Guelfi was top 10 only last year and spent this year largely injured. Snelling…thanks mate, you did the best with what you have, but yeah, send us a post card.

Quite frankly if Gresham can match the year Menzies had and Menzies can recreate this seasons form, then the forward pockets are sorted.


And can kick.



Hi Patrick


He can play. Most excited about this signing of the 3. He can change our forward line dynamic.


Can Kick 50 metres. CYA Snell.


Port can have him back for free

Out: Zerk+Snell

In: Duursma


What a selling point.


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We have lost the plot… 700k… jeepers

Agree, would be similar to when Raz was firing a few years ago, and it was exciting to see the ball kicked into our forward line

Sounds like a lot but $700k under new CBA seems pretty reasonable especially considering we have spare cap to spend and are expecting to offload a heap of it end of next year anyway (Shiel, etc).