Welcome To Essendon - James Polkinghorne


Has earned his shot with great form in the VFL. Deserves it.

Welcome back to the seniors James, hope you have a great year!

Well looks like the holes in the midfield and small backs and forwards have plugs, now some cover for Hurley, Hooker, Bellchambers and if we go for Jamar, we may need one more ruck as insurance.

He had a good year last year, so he has earnt it. good to see him return to the afl landscape.

Well, that’s full-forward sorted :slight_smile:

Does he own stilts?

Well, that's full-forward sorted :)

Stokes for CHF as well?

He had a good year last year, so he has earnt it. good to see him return to the afl landscape.

Yep. Welcome aboard.

Referring to him kicking three goals in a quarter against the trend of the day in a big final (his most recent game), while “resting” at full forward…

It’s great to have you join the team, Polks!

I thought he was already ours!

(Don’t flame me … the quirks of rookie lists, upgrades, internal drafts, external drafts, sideways drafts and all that crap have always been a black art to me).

Dance, dance, dance … The Polka!

The poker and the stoker.

Ah, see.
Something positive comes from a negative.
Interview on BTV really shows how grateful and enthusiastic he is.

Like him as s player, could be a real chance to play seniors and make an impression.

And he’s youngish!

Thought he’d be the first one to sign as a top up, a no brainer for mine. Good AFL experience, knows the club and has played a fair bit with a lot of the blokes that will be in the ones this year. And we know his fitness and capabilities.

Help us stick it up the Lions for one of our wins.

Yep happy,get round the ■■■■

Has no prior drug convictions, delist!

Seriously though, good get and deserves a crack

Sensible haircut too

i hear the human horne is highly valued as a sexual aphrodisiac on rigil 7

I like this pickup.
I don’t know how he’s performed at VFL level but at Brisbane he showed some promise as a Monfries type forward around 4 or 5 years ago. He had great hands so for his size, you’d be comfortable him taking a mark on the lead. He also was a sure kick. Once he got the ball within range (around the 50m arc) he’d nail the set shot.
His biggest problem was he couldn’t really be of great use in the middle at AFL level and Brisbane had begun playing other smaller forwards (Green and another they delisted a few years back) ahead of him so he was stuck in NEAFL where he could play midfield.

I’m not expecting him to be a gun player or even to warrant a spot on a list past 2016, but he can contribute and be a handy role player.