Welcome to Essendon - Jonathan Giles

For pick 62 (my bad... 53, thanks Bargey), I'm happy.


Still need one ruck minimum in either of the drafts.


Great pickup.

We got Pick 62 mate, he cost us 53

God Bless you Giles.


May your knee find the groin of P.Ryder on numerous occasions the next time you meet.




Woah-Woah-Woah Sweet Giles of mine.......


Ruck cover. Awesome

A pickup so perfect for our needs I almost don't believe it. 

Good deal.

We got Pick 62 mate, he cost us 53

Either would end up being Ambrose anyway.
Looks like our forward line is going to morph a bit again.
Chappy      JoeDan      Giles/TBell
Winders     Carlisle      Cooney
Fair amount of experience in there aside from the talls.
Chappy and Cooney can have some mid time too. With Jobe, Goddard, Heppell, Zacka, Myers, Stanton, Colyer, Zerrett, Hocking, Howlett, Kommer and Gleeson (and possibly one of our draft picks) I think we're getting closer to a balanced side (albeit not for long). With Gwilt coming in we may see Hibberd and Dempsey moving through the middle also.

I like him. Considering Paddy left, we did well to get him so cheaply. Hopefully he finds his feet in our senior line-up. 

My Blood Runs Cold....

My Angel Is A Centrefold!

Happy with this one. 

we ACTUALLY picked up a ruckman. good stuff Bombers


Is he any good at BIG BENDERS?

Anyone got historical Giles v Paddy hitout data? I’m talking about 1 v 1 not full season/career data



Probably one of the better deals this period from any team. As bitter as I am about Ryder, this is a very solid deal. Statistically, very similar to Ryder can easily fill the void.

Great pickup for a bargain price.  Very happy with this one.