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We had spoken to ball before Richardson was even appointed.

No doubt Richardson played a role with the Xavier connection but Ball had been on the radar prior to Richardson.


Newly appointed Essendon people performance manager Luke Ball says he is looking forward to the challenge of improving relationship and leadership skills among the playing list and coaching staff.

The former St Kilda and Collingwood midfielder joined the Bombers yesterday having spent the past few years at the AFL in the umpiring, match review and football operations departments.

"They’ve got young players coming through and by all reports they’re great people, hungry to succeed,” Ball said on SEN Breakfast.

“Hopefully I can play a part in (developing their leadership).

"It’s about creating an environment where players, coaches and staff alike are able to thrive and maximise their potential. That’ll be part of the challenge, but I’m certainly going to learn as well.

“I don’t see myself as walking in the door, with all of the answers that’s going to take them from eighth up the ladder.”

Ball said that the approach from the Bombers chief Xavier Campbell before Christmas was unexpected, but is excited about the new challenge.

“It did come out of the blue,” he said.

"I’ve enjoyed two and a half, three years of really good learning under some great people at the AFL … but I probably always imagined I’d end up back at a club.

“Speaking with (AFL football operations boss) Steve Hocking in particular, and a few people at the AFL, they thought it was a really good opportunity to join a club.”


I just don’t get why people think that these appointments have to be ex-Essendon guns.

The only place I’d demand that people are Essendon fans is on the board.

No-one from fark Carlton though. I’m still in therapy after the Camporeale Murphy horrors.


I guess at least there’s an emphasis on the importance of people and culture. That, generally speaking, can’t really be a bad thing.


Just curious, anyone know if other clubs have a people performance manager?



People and Culture

Patrick de Haan - People and Culture Manager
Rebecca Haas - People and Culture Executive

Sounds similar


Poor Dimma wouldn’t get the job if it was 5% Power Point.

Edit: Poor Dimma the current premiership coach I should add.


Ball enjoying clubland
Natalie MacGregor February 5, 2018 11:37 AM

Essendon People Performance Manager, Luke Ball, said he is impressed with the leadership and vision displayed by the players in his first few weeks at the Club.

Ball joined the Bombers in January and with over 15 years in football, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Club.

“It’s great to be here, I’m really enjoying being back at club land. It has been three years since I’ve been out and really enjoying my first couple of weeks here, I’ve been super impressed,” Ball said.

“I’m really impressed with the leadership group. The first couple of weeks you are a fly on the wall, one thing that has really stood out is the player empowerment.

“In majority of the meetings, whether it be footy or otherwise related, it is really strongly driven by the players.

“We had a values session this week, clearly coming out of a difficult few years, we are working towards a period now that will be a lot more settled.

“In our values meeting, all the players and the footy department were invited to be involved and give their feedback as to what it means to them - there were some good discussions that came out of that.”

Ball’s new position at Essendon will see him working closely with players and coaches to guide and assist in their personal development.

“From a coaching point of view, personal development is really important. We have a relatively young, inexperienced coaching group under John, Neeldy and Harvs,” Ball said.

“I’ll be working on facilitating opportunities for them to grow and develop, that clearly links with the players as well, particularly the leadership group and the young, emerging group of leaders.

“I will be working closely with Lisa who is the GM People and Culture, and Dan Richardson.”

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Thanks luke but I still have no idea what you actually do.


Of course you do…

He works closely with Lisa and Dan.


Clearly his job is to hang around being impressed …


And facilitate opportunities for growth and development. That, er, seems clear enough.

“Make sure you eat your crusts and take your vitamins, boys!”

That kind of thing, I guess.


and Lisa’s job is to work closely Luke and Dan


Then what the hell is Dan’s job?


I think that’s pretty obvious.

I presume the office is open plan.


“I manage people. And, I manage Performance. I manage the people, and then I manage their performance. The performance…comes after the people. People first, then…Performance. Understand?”


So he’s a people person?


A People Performance Person.