Welcome to Essendon - Nate Caddy

Correct but a pick in late 30s is not worth wanting to lose matches for, no way

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Don’t really like comparisons to Stringer as he was an absolutely elite junior. He was taken pick 5 despite breaking a leg and was generally considered one of the top prospects. I don’t think caddy has his class. I’m still pretty keen on this pick up though.


Caddy replaces Weideman, who should be playing as a defender for the ressies watching Caddy, Hunter and Jones battle it out up forward


Jake had all the tools to be Dustin Martin, for a while there at the Dogs he looked like he was tracking that way unfortunately for him and us he never found a coach that could drag it out of him the way dimma and his team was able to drag it out of Dustin


Is it just me or does Nate feel like the first genuine alfa dog Dodoro has ever drafted?

Talk about having some swagger.




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Neither do I, the Curnow comparison stacks up though and I will take that every day of the week.

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Good thing we’re comparing him to the stringer that can’t be ■■■■■■ showing up to preseason fit unless it’s a contract year

If West Coast really were offering their 2024 first for Caddy, we should have traded for Geelong’s pick, then on-traded Geelong’s pick for the Eagles’ F1.


Yep, doesn’t even matter if he’s any good, he’s likely to have a long career in the AFL simply based on being top 10 pick.

Would you have swapped next years first with West Coast’s first and lose our first this year? I think that was the deal.

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Yep ballsy call.

What was the mooted trade? I struggle to believe WCE would offer anything as one sided as just 10 for F1 ?

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If they rated Caddy higher up and also had the list need then yes

Let’s say they thought he was pick 5 like some draft ratings had him and they are backing themselves to rise next year with a better injury run

GWS post draft even noted that you see instances of teams bounce off bottom ladder strongly (Pies) and it would have been a risk. West coast are better than their placing this year and clubs were wary of that

It also helps west coast to get talent in the door now, speeding up a rebuild and they probably saw Caddy as slotting into Jack Darling role who is almost done

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He’s obviously got good pedigree which can’t hurt.
I remember back when I had a lot more to do with local footy (03-08ish), there were plenty of people around the traps who would tell you that Saul Caddy (his Dad) was the best player going around in suburban/metro footy.

I did see him play once during a brief stint that he had at Greenvale but I think he was getting towards the end at that stage. What I do know is that he was an aggressive farker so hopefully that has been passed on.


It’s a bit of a weird point because there was no 100% guarantee from Geelong that we wouldn’t just take O’Sullivan. And then the same arguments would be given about how they never really wanted O’Sullivan and always wanted Caddy.

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Dodoro said he was pleased, he noted he was a ‘man’s man’… Are we allowed to say man’s man these days?! Suits me :smile:

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Because they wanted/needed O’Sullivan

They bluffed us, I’m near certain, but whatevs

Huh? Oh you mean he aint a ■■■■■?

Yeah. Seems like a hard nut. I love it.

Loved his highlights package so I hope he finds the consistency in his game.

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It all depends on who else was bidding

If WC was the only team trying to trade up then Geelong fleeced us but I don’t think that was the case

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