Welcome to Essendon - Nate Caddy

Literally flying.

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Those ads where Shaq is talking about betting with “typical” Aussie blokes would be up there in the pantheon of “worst ads ever”.

On my list, the writer for those ads is due to stand against the wall fairly early on.




He hobbled off, went in the hanger for a good 15 mins. Came back out and sat on the bench for the whole 4th quarter of match sim. After the game he walked around with next to no hobble chatting with the rest of the boys. I think he’ll be fine.


Just badly winded I hope

As long as he wasn’t ‘aware’ of his back while walking around chatting it should be fine

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Would suck if we start coping injuries on the eve of the season.

What’s the deal with Ridley? was supposed to be a “minor calf” but he’s been in rehab for weeks it seems.

Wish the club would just say he flat out did his calf and will miss a few weeks of pre season training

There you go

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Yes but would like the club to confirm it. not sure why we are so secretive when it comes to injuries is the club scared or something

Not sure, but I’d guess that given he is still running and moving pretty freely that it isn’t near significant enough to justify communication.


Dont think any clubs publish regular injury updates over pre-season unless there is something major.

Its a minor calf - a few weeks on the sidelines doesnt really warrant an update

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Maplestone - “hold my beer”

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Good to hear Caddy is all cleared of scans and ok to play


Feeling a bit backy?

Tough boy


He speaks really well. Can’t wait to watch him play.

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Head screwed on and says all the right things. Can’t wait to see him out there.

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Unless you blokes have invented a Time Machine, you will have to wait for that


Buddy Franklin, the best forward and footballer ive seen since Carey played I think every game in his debut season and the hawks finished bottom 4.

Kicked a goal a game. The same output Jade Gresham has his whole career.

I wouldnt expect half the output from Nate.

I hope he plays but not sure whose position he takes.