Welcome to Essendon - Sam Weideman

I CBF doing it, but would be interested to see a comparison of comments on Sam in this thread vs the ones about 2 Metre Peter when he first joined us.
Don’t reckon anyone here knows what Sam’s floor or ceiling is yet.


Why would the comparison even be relevant?
Wright had kicked 20 goals in a season three times in five seasons with the Suns.
In fact, in the two seasons he didn’t, he played three and seven senior games.
Weideman hasn’t achieved that once in seven seasons with Melbourne.

They are not the same.


Even still, the comments comparison would be interesting imo.


Wright played a lot more games in the season, In the 2020 season Weideman kicked 19 goals from 13 games, had he played 17 or 22 games like Wright then according to his 1.5 goal average he would have kicked. 25 or 33 goals.

Well, yeah.
He did.

He played pretty much three out of four fullish seasons after his debut year, and had Ben King pushing him out.

Weideman hasn’t managed that in six out of six senior seasons after his debut year, and had Ben Brown pushing him out.

They are Not the same.

Look at the last 3 years at melbourne and 3 years at suns (Wright didnt play 2020)
2019 Wright 1.2 Avg 2022 Weideman 1.3 Avg
2018 Wright 0.6 AVG 2021 Weideman 0.6 AVG
2017 Wright 1.4 AVG 2020 Weideman 1.5 AVG

pretty similar

Whyyyyy are you comparing what they did three full seasons ago?

I hope Weideman does well for us.
I don’t think he will, but…y’know, been wrong before. Not often, but it happens.

I simply don’t understand the comparison between the players, on any level.
It drives me friggin’ nuts, actually.
They’re not going to be playing the same position, obviously.
We got them for very different prices.
One had shown he can consistently contribute at a younger age. The other has never in seven seasons owned a permanent spot in his senior team.

Aaron Francis is a much better comparison.
Similar amount of games.
Similar age.
Similar amount of unfulfilled talent.
Similar (same?) draft pick used to get him to change clubs.

Some kents on here laughed at me when i said we should look at Weideman.

And now we got him :joy:

And I’m sure we’re all looking forward to you telling us who we should have picked with #37 instead in years to come.

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Was bit surprised we traded 37 would have used that pick for Munkara.

Who knows how that will turn out.
Hoping Dodoro has it all in hand.

I’m comparing weideman to what Wright did before he left suns.

Completely forgot we drafted this guy.

Right, so Weideman’s sixth and seventh seasons to Wright’s fourth and fifth.

My hopes for Weed to be successful hinge on his ability to provide ruck relief. I don’t want to see backup rucks clogging up the forward line going forward if possible but I am not confident with him or our other options as genuine forwards.

It will be interesting to see our forwards structure next year. Somehow we looked too slow to provide pressure, yet lacking in aerial competitiveness.