Welcome to Essendon - Xavier 🏹 uursma

you die first in the AI uprising


How do you eat it?
With your hands?

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Excepting that in some instances he doesn’t understand the rules.

From the sounds of things l am glad to say l have no idea who Sam Landsberger is, or what he does. I have never watched Midweek Tackle, that part of the week l reserve for The Front Bar, and the last couple of weeks Talking Footy. Sounds like l am not missing much, however rather than be triggered by him, Blitzers could, l dunno, change channels, watch a movie or take the dog for a walk.

Hoping duursma comes back in after the bye. When he got injured I thought oh ■■■■ we’re gonna miss him. His two way running has been sorely missed, it genuinely feeds off on other players too. I love his defensive side of the game and think it’s been something we’ve really missed over the last few weeks. I’m a big fan of this kid


Need him back, pls tell us some good news.

We really are missing him, become super important very quickly.


And some people wanted him dropped, after 1 game

I cant wait till he’s back.