Welcome to Essendon - Xavier 🏹 uursma

I never realised how tough he was. Man he puts his body on the line.

We’re building a team of tough nuts. It’s something that we haven’t seen for many, many years.


Check out his clash with Blicavs in 2020 Qualifying final. He’s one tough nut.

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Must be original comics on the wall, care to elaborate

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They are re prints of original covers that I picked up at a mill market 6 or 7 years ago :slight_smile:

Used to have them in my bedroom before I moved into my own place and now they are just on my garage wall.
Pretty cool though.

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Yes they are!

With the backing board I thought they might be original greed comics.

I had an idea a few (maybe 20) years ago instead of buying some expensive artwork for wall decoration, to get some original collectable comics and frame them.

Ironically my comics from the 80’s are looking good now safely stored away, thinking about doing the Spiderman/Carnage crossover framed.


Jack and lemonade is my drop

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Was very good again on a down night for the team. 2 more goals. He knows when to push forward. Also he’s a very accurate set shot kick. McKay overall has been the best of the recruits but Duursma is definitely #2, probably the gap would be closer if he didn’t miss 5 weeks with injury.


Agreed. Played well, goes in the same list as Merrett, Durham, Caldwell and Martin for me. So happy to have him on the list.

Edit - I’m also going to include McKay on that list.


His kicking for goal routine and action is alpha as fck.


Its absolutely elite isn’t it

A rarity in our team. An intelligent footballer. Knows when to go and when to sit back. Busts a gut regardless of where the game is at. Is both unselfish when he needs to be but also takes responsibilty when its his turn.
Never drops his head or looses his cool.
Already one of our better players and it comes more from his mental stength and composure than his pretty good skillset.
His a player id want the young guys hanging around.


It’s clear he isn’t cut from the same cloth as many Essendon players are.

He has a big brain.

Relentless effort.

Probably only Zach is on a similar level in that respect.


Give him a couple of years…

Another fantastic game from Duurs. You can’t not love him


One of the few positives from last night, I’d say.

It’s a shame he missed those games through injury, he’d have been eyeing off a high finish in the b&f otherwise. He’s been excellent for the most part.


I still marvel at how much he was under valued at Port, and how much better they would be now, if they had kept him and made better use of his formidable skills.


If he is relishing new life, ya gotta show more champ.

Sorry what?

Gotta show more???

This bloke has been one of our best players this year???


Hardworking. Does a lot of unrewarded running. Takes his opportunities when he gets them. Didn’t cost us much.

He’s not perfect, but for what he cost versus what he has added to the team I don’t know how you could knock him.


Player champ alert!

Are you serious? Have you even been watching him play this season?