Thanks for all of your hard work this weekend. Looks good! 


Yeah man he used to be cool. What a sell out.

Cool your jets, mod lover


Can't find my John Cena avatar :(


This forum looks like our game today


Can't find my John Cena avatar :(

Whenever you said something funny, looking at your avatar helped make the lols come.


Finally in. This is soooo weird!!!!!


It's like a social media site. Add me and like my page!


Hello BomberBlitzers,

 So sometime between when I went to bed at 12.30am after the Blitzcast and when I woke up at 5.30am, Blitz died.

 In other times the old forum software has thrown up corruption errors but this time it was giving us nothing. I've been wanting to upgrade our forum software for awhile so this was the time to do it!

 Where is everything?

 Gone. It's still in a DB somewhere that perhaps one day we will repair. For now though I've saved as much as I can of the user info.

 How do I login?

 Reset your password. Passwords couldn't come across.

 I don't like how it looks

 This is the stock skin. I wish I had setup this first and then revealed it to you all but these are the times we live in.

 But Jon Ralph said...

 I don't care.

 Is this permanent?

 Not sure yet. Enjoy "Blitz".

Please don’t ban me.


Is this permanent?

Guess we know now.


You still need to address what Jon Ralph said…