Thanks Riolio. I'm back and I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in to get this place up & running again.




Oh thank fark. 


I had to read Big Footy yesterday. BIG FOOTY!


Needless to say, I decided then to have the full day away from the interwebz... and it was nice. 


Thank you.


Wonder if Smythy forgot his password...




Thanks Riolio

Fark me, amazing how much more productive I have been with blitz missing. Did not like it one bit!


Thanks guys for all your hard work to get Blitz up again.  It's really appreciated.  #backops


Jesus.... I have a lot of f-cking posts.


Time well spent. Very well spent.


Thanks to all for the efforts to get everything back up and running (especially those who had no idea of their email address). I actually had to talk to my wife.




Restored my own post count and join date.


I'm so depressed.

Need to inswrt


no sig pic?


I'm a boy!


Man this new software looks like crap.

Thank you for fixing blitz.. Between not knowing when it was coming back and the ASADA investigation closing to a near I was struggling to cope.


Good job on the fix… missed the joint!


Thanks guys for bringing Blitz back!


It was scary when BB was gone...Who sent us offline? So many suspects...The AFL? The CIA? Fairfax? Rupert? Unhot chicks?


Said it before, and will again: this is the best forum I know on the internet, so very grateful its back again.


Thanks again!


Really like the update. Looks really good.


Well done guys. And thanks again for  helping me out with my account.


Ahhh, what a relief to have this site back!


Thank you for getting it up and running again.....although I'll probably need a bit of time to get used to it.


On first impressions, I'm not too keen on all the white.....a bit of contrast would be nicer. Plus it would be great to enable signatures again.


Honestly though, the withdrawal was acute! Thought we'd been permanently silenced there for a bit. Eeeek!