West Taiwan (aka CHINA)

Gentlemen, it is my sad duty to require you both to stop PLARFing immediately.

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Gen. Li Shangfu, China’s defense minister, given a rocket.

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We know why now … he was allegedly (yeah, sure) having an affair with an American based Chinese journalist Fu Xiaotian (not named on this particular source but others… and has been totally absent on social media since mid-April). And fathered a child with her.

"According to the Journal, senior Chinese officials were informed in August that Qin’s removal was the result of a Communist Party internal investigation that discovered his “lifestyle issues”—a phrase that usually means sexual misconduct.”

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Hi West Taiwan!

Yes… really …

A Panda to prove it

OK then…


Enjoy yourself Bullwinkle!

Latest on the economy:
Shenzhen Is Doomed, Dongguan Is Even Worse, Manufacturing Closures Sweep Through Guangdong

This is extremely sad and things need to really change in China. My wife read that last weekend all Government run schools i.e. public schools were issued with a directive to close for the weekend because there have been too many suicides of students recently.

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It seems parents treat their kids in a similar way to how the CCP treat the people.

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My wife asked me about this about 6 weeks ago, asked if I had heard anything on Western news, I searched online and found the odd story but not on any major new agency. My wife also said that that government would rather let the sailors die in secrecy than admit and ask for help. I will ask her again what she is seeing on the Chinese socials but …. They are so tightly controlled now


Sounds like the truth is becoming known.

Plenty of press today

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Will this ever stop

I doubt it. Too much face to be lost.

Uncle Sam is getting pretty stretched at the moment. China wouldn’t, would they?
I bet their puppet does some rocket tests over the sea of Japan.

Albanese announced that Cheng Lei is now back in Australia, released from prison in China following the conclusion of judicial processes there.

I am assuming she has now been proven innocent and will receive a full pardon. Was just an innocent mistake just like the 2 Canadian ‘spies’ that all of a sudden weren’t.

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When questioned whether the completion of the Chinese judicial processes meant she had been found innocent, Albo reiterated that the processes had been completed ( no elaboration).
She has been deported. It is evident that there has not been any deal for her to serve out a term here.
There is another citizen that they are quietly working to have released and any elaboration could be prejudicial to that.
So we will have to live with any Chinese domestic portrayal that she has committed crimes against the State, but has been released by an act of clemency by Xi ( a bit like US Prrsidential pardons). Albo sprinkled his statement with references to Xi.
IDK whether there have been any public statements in China or even whether the Chinese public were made aware of the case.
Albo is off to China on the 50th anniversary of Gough’s visit.

Our PM quietly drops a statement to the effect that the commercial Lease of Darwin Port remains unchanged.
A few days after Mike Burgess of ASIO highlighted the detection and deportation of a Chinese spy. Illustrates the value of Five Eyes in practice.
Both not so long before Albo would be visiting Beijing.

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Issues connected to Inbuilt tracking in PMVs in Australia has been trending in the last few days.
Tracking in fleet vehicles has been raised as a Fair Work issue. It’s been a goldmine for lawyers.
Victoria has laws on GPS vehicle tracking. IDK about elsewhere in Oz.