Wetsuit for sea swimming

I am looking for a good wetsuit to wear for swimming in the sea. I swim freestyle, so free arm movement is essential, but I want a suit that has sleeves because the sleeveless ones are not warm enough for me. I want one that’s thigh length, not full leg.

Can anyone here recommend a make and give me guidance about what to look for – material, thickness, style, etc. Basically I want to swim laps or their equivalent.

Laps? As in, In a Pool?

Never seen anyone swim in a pool in a wetsuit, and any proper wetsuit would end up being ruined by the chlorine.

I’ve done a bit of ocean swimming, and regular wetsuits aren’t great for that, especially with arms, as they are far too restricting. I’ve tried what we call a “short John” suit, (thigh length, singlet top), and that wasn’t too bad, but these days there are actual swim suits, which are thinner and at full sleeve length work quite well, … but again, I’ve only seen them used for salt water,… never in a pool.

Most pools are at about 28 -29 degrees C, so I don’t get why you’d need or want one?

A suggestion might be to just try a rash vest and boardshorts?

It’s sea swimming I’ll be doing. East Brighton Baths. The Icebergers will think I’m a wimp but stuff ‘em.


Have a look here then …



Thank you very much

No worries.

I found a top at aldi a couple weeks ago. Long arms but thin around 2-3mm. I have thicker diving suits but thought I’d try it just for mucking around in as it was only about $30


I’m not really too fussed about the warmth because I’ll actually be swimming all the time I’m in the water. It’s really just to take the chill off. I’m more concerned about flexibility in the shoulders.

This thing is about as thin as I’ve seen for neoprene, but anything with arms that’s going to provide any warmth at all will be a bit restrictive if swimming freestyle, backstroke. I don’t know if you’ll still find any in aldi, but if so you could try it and at the price just cut the arms off if too restrictive.

Having met Shelton 10, he’ll be saying “what’s an aldi”.

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I won a dare 2 tri mach 4 wet suit. Its awesome cut minutes off my swim time, was using a surf wet suit before for triathlons.


$249 for a entry level one

If u want cheaper could Try wiggle.

Aldi. Aldi? Oh, yes. That place I drive past. So it’s a wetsuit shop. Who would have thought?

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What did Kramer wear when he swam in the East river?

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Don’t choose one that makes you look like a fur seal if you’re planning on swimming off the coast of WA. Take my word for it.

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He’s a lawyer, Diggers. Sharks surely observe professional courtesy.


Shark 1 to Shark 2, “What’s that scum sucking bottom dweller doing all the way up here?”

Shark 2: Dunno but they’re full o’ bones and taste like carp. Don’t eat it.

For those who may be interested, I got an Orca full suit from the Wetsuit Warehouse. :slight_smile: