What's the earliest thing / moment you can remember? Throwback Thursday

So basically what's the oldest thing you can remember?



Mine is a dream I had when I was 4 or 5 that I was in a shopping centre that all of a sudden emptied out and I was the only one left in it. I remember it freaking me out as a kid. That was 29 years ago for me.

I remember running up and down the hallway in the first house I lived in looking all the way up at the kitchen bench top which seemed massive. Must have been 2, going on 3.

Taking a dump on the front lawn.

I have this short, hazy memory of sitting in my high chair for my second birthday. I remember the cake, and everybody singing happy birthday. It’s only about a 5 second memory though.

After that… Geez, probably nothing until kinder.

I remember doing a poo in the bath

I remember running up to my grandparents to show them my new Thomas the tank engine pj’s that I had just got.

Playing in my grandad's lounge room with one of those things that you put the ball in and then it pops out and you have to catch it again. I reckon I could only have been 3. And eating Maccas out of those styrofoam containers in his kitchen.

Falling off a garden table at my grandparents place straight onto concrete.

Throwing up on my sister when I was two or three.

Trying to walk across a small pond that had seemingly frozen over one winter. And no, the ice wasn't anywhere near thick enough to support the bodyweight of a 3 or 4 yo kid.

So, mostly accidents, pooing or throwing up. Hmm... that about sums up kids.

There was a bonfire party in an empty block on my street, the next day I was wandering around the site.  My first memory is picking up a brick that had been in the centre of the fire all night, and burning my hands.  

Me and big bro playing "fishing" off our balcony when I was about 4, he had a piece of wool on the end of a stick and I tied up the metal grate covering the water drain to it.  Not being a man of the sea, I wasn't overly flash at knots so once her started pulling it up, it unravelled and fell onto my head.  Three stitches.  

Taking a dump on the front lawn.

Surely you can remember back past last weekend???

I crashed my bike into the ether and it expanded outwards rapidly and there was matter and everything so I just ditched my bike and ran.

I recall sitting calmly on the kitchen floor as a saucepan on the stove ignited, setting our house on fire.


Reckon I was about 3 at the time.


Wasn't sure what all the fuss was about.

I used to live on Bell St, so a very busy road. I have a very vivid memory of a dream where I was playing in the front yard and a man and woman approached me and asked if I wanted to go with them to die. I told them to hold on while I went and asked my parents, but instead I went inside and hid under their bed.

I was probably around 3 when I dreamed this.

I also remember we had a gate that connected our back yard with my aunts and uncles. I used to put arrows from the bow and arrow set we had around, through the hole to my 1 year old cousin… uncle wasn’t happy, came around and yelled at dad. Again around 3.

Pooping in the sand pit

Asking my mother what she was making and being told it was a case for Dads tools when in fact it was a present for my third birthday. So basically as I love to tell mum, my first memory is her lying to me.

I remember seeing an EK or FB Holden in front of our car crash into a guard rail then flip over. I would have been 2 or 3 at the time. Years later I asked Dad if he remembered it and he said it was the bridge over the Dandenong Creek on Bayswater Rd. Was a narrow road, one lane each way, back then.

Trying to take a specky on one of the seats in the lounge room,falling and having a cut above my eye. I knew then that my aspirations of being an AFL player were non-existent.