What a Win Like This Does

I’m a long time fan of the Bombers who just joined the site. Wish I did so earlier!

Anyhow two days later, I’m still buzzing from the win. I can’t stop thinking about it.

When you take what’s happened over the last few years, what happened against Sydney and then what looked like was going to happen against Hawthorn, make no mistake a win like this was worth far more than four points.

And this is why this game is so great - because of the massive stakes that are played for.

I can’t even imagine what would have happened had there been another 2 seconds left on the clock. Those arrogant Hawthorn #(! would be going on about how amazing they are and we’d be 0-2 against last year’s Grand Finalists when we deserved so much better.

We were once the powerhouse of the competition and haven’t won a flag since that time. We just celebrated the 20th anniversary of 84-85. The period of 85-00 is the same as 00-15. We’re ready for another one and I can’t even imagine how sweet it would be to see another Premiership Cup at Windy Hill.

Sorry for rambling, just been so emotional since that game!

As great as the win was and the euphoria of being there to witness it so special but let’s not go too early (like the media with the saga). I believe we have a huge amount of improvement in us and that might sound a bit arrogant to the unclean but “us” in the know recognise the signs. Hurley appears to be really settled as a key backman and will take the oppositions best forward each week. He was enormous against Roughhead. Colyer also is getting better as is Melksham who appears to like playing for Hird. He just sometimes needs to have a shot when on the run from 50 because his kicks have great penetration. Bags has gone up a level again and is just a beast. And if Paddy Ambrose can kick some goals whilst burying opposition into the dirt then all’s the better

Consistency of effort and skill application will give us the chance at glory. So let’s all hangon and enjoy the ride starting with the scum this week.

Go Bombers.

Hard not to get dizzy after a win like that, but right now (until we start doing it consistently), it’s 4 points.

In terms of self belief that the playing group may have gained from this, it may be priceless. But right now, let’s concentrate on belting the blues and ruining mick’s big game.

Good maths…

He mean’t the 20th anniversary of the 10th anniversary.

I wish 00-15 was anything like 85-00 :slight_smile:

Welcome, BD22 :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already …buy a membership now, while the euphoria is high!

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I wish 00-15 was anything like 85-00 :)


I agree with the point but I think there’s been a liiiiittle bit too much partying in the past couple of days for the OP.

If we convincingly beat the blues, il well and truly believe we’ve turned the corner and are heading towards a flag