What amuses you


We’re humans with non specific roles apart from reproduction.
Unless you’re arnie.


I have been Naked Attraction. Not 1 episode do they have contestants without either a peircing or tattoo. The most common reason for getting a tattoo or peircing “I wanted to be different”. I ask “different” who from?


Try telling that to femo-nazis. They’ll wear your nuts in a sling!


going to the relos beach house for the first time in 18 months.

(We must be >10th on the list behind everyone else who visits there, behind other in laws friends etc.)

They casually mention they will have a big working bee with everyone who visits to fix heaps things.


Did you casually tell them to fk off


It is very amusing how blokes discuss feminism as if they know anything about it.



You’re not sure if he is your mate?


Funny example to pick. Tennis is much much closer to parity than any other sport.
Ie last year’s australian open final was avg 3.5M for men’s, 2.4M for women’s.
Not sure what crowd watched the women’s ashes or W-league final, but I suspect more like 10 or 100 times less than the men’s equivalent.

And I could name probably 30 current female tennis players, but only about 3 female soccer players, cricketers or AFLW players. And I don’t really follow tennis - but I do watch all the others.

You could mount a fair argument equal pay has contributed to that, even if indirectly. Certainly putting them all on at essentially the same time, same courts, with equal billing is the big part of it. Which makes me think.


Equal pay? In tennis?
Men play more best of 5.
Women play best of 3.
If men do more work where is the equal pay?


And rock bands should be paid in ratio to the length of the song.


It’s true.
My question is… and? So what?

It’s only actually affecting about 50 men, the guys in the top tier ATP tour. Which is not me, or you.

In your little world, is that better, or worse, than women being paid 10x less for footy, or cricket, or soccer?
Or the 10-30% less they get paid for equal hours in the millions of other jobs in the country?


Geez I’m working in the wrong industry because women in my work place get the same or better.
I’ll just say ok, :grinning:
So you would like the best cricketer female to get the same pay as the best cricketer male?
The best women soccer player to get similar salary to Ronaldo?
Ok cool😎
Don’t know about millions of other jobs in the world but ok sweet.


On just your tennis example. Men only lay 5 sets in Grand slams. So women should be paid the same in other tournaments right?


Ok cool, you won me over.


What if a guy wins 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 and the woman wins 7-6, 6-7, 6-4?
Should the woman be paid 33% more than the man?


I dunno…what do u think?


or if the men’s final at the US Open is won in three sets, and the men’s final at the Australian Open is won in five… should the Australian Open winner be paid proportionally more than the US Open winner?


Yeah ok they need to convert equally as well…us and aud I mean according to what ever dough you want it in.


I initially thought entertainers and sports…err…people should be paid based on draw in a free market.
And I still think that on the tour.

But I’m flip-flopping on the big four.
Women are as much a part of the Grand Slam events as men and should have parity.