What amuses you


Fifty years (!) on and it’s still as farking brilliant as ever.

This show revolutionised comedy. Some of what they did has become mainstream. No-one has ever done comedy better.

I suppose disclaimers should be made:
-the show was made on videotape 50 years ago, so obviously not compliant with today’s production and fashion standards;
-they do appeal to people who have - shall we say - very well above average intelligence.


Current ad on Gumtree:

High Performance Pedestal Desk (managers Desk)


South Melbourne, VIC

Reluctantly selling one pedestal desk. This desk was singularly responsible for amassing a personal fortune in excess of ($amount withheld by ASIC Investigation). Each drawer can hold over $30,000 in cash. The big ones can hold almost $40,000. The timber is of unknown origin, but suspect that it was a rare endangered pine. There are a few bumps and abrasions (love marks) caused by the '87 stockmarket crash, the 2008 GFC, and of course during the 1998 Iran/Australia world cup qualifier. Will suit budding entrepreneur or US president.


When you are about to leave a voicemail and the message says
“Hi, I’m not here right now, please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you” followed by the automated greeting “isn’t available right now, please leave your name and number and a brief message and we’ll get back to you”


The gifs being posted are amusing.

@dingus that high jump failure- brilliant.


You’re buying it right, please tell me you’re buying it.


Mrs Deck said “close your eyes and hold out your hands… I’ve got you a present…”

She’s still laughing.
I think she’s trying to tell me something.


Well, I hope it was warm and wet.


I thought magpies were bad. (which they are of course)


For those with Kayo…if you feel like a good hearty laugh, listen to wobbo speak in slo-mo.


At a shopping centre and waiting for something. Feeling a little stressed so decided to sit and have a quiet coffee for 20 mins. Mrs Deck rocks up all excited and starts telling me all about… something. I politely listen, then explain that I just wanted a few minutes of quite. She gets up and goes sits with another couple at the coffee shop, and starts chatting away.
Hahaha she’s priceless.



Economics jokes, very highbrow.


“That invisible hand of Adam Smith seems to offer an extended middle finger to an awful lot of people.”


Would you prefer the clenched hand instead, comrade? :wink:


Yes - show that to the maggots!


The old lady at the end was hard done by. That monkey is a real ■■■■■■■■.


People carefully walking across rocks trying not to fall in the water, only to fall in the water.

Saw a cracking example over the weekend. I guffawed loudly.


Spoonerisms of Essendon players names


I can categorically attest that they just did the exact opposite for me. :smirk:


Maybe you are bemused?