What amuses you

I wonder who did it first. Can anybody help with the answer?

It’s at least 2000 years old.

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Well George Carlin was making me laugh in the 1970s…

Edit - I looked it up. Carlin didn’t claim to have written it - was by some comedian called Sean Morey in 1980.

My brother had ‘occupation: foole’ on record, and I found it hilarious.

Re the record title, he said he really wanted to write that on a form that asked for occupation, and he’d spell it “with a final ‘e’, just to ■■■■ ‘em off”.

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For fans of forgotten 80’s music…


I’ve always wanted to go to Nodnol.


Benjamin Button?

Regional long weekends, yep love getting on it on a Sunday night, whilst most of you have to work tomorrow

I’m pretty sure 3/4 of people in Melbourne take the Monday before the cup off for an extra long weekend.


And the building industry always have an RDO on the Monday too

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My boss told me to take the Monday off and not bother putting a leave form in.

So, it’d be rude not to…


That’s what I got told.

No wonder this country is ■■■■■■




Telstra crews all over the Marsh today, as someone has stolen many meters of copper cable in the ground. Those who have landlines still have big problems. Most internet is OK and the whole Town is NBN fibre to house etc., though there was one spot where they pulled out the green optical fibre.

How much did you get for it?

And is it true that you’re still knocking off lead from church roofs?

The nuns did always think you were a bad’un.

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You get about $1-$2 a kg

“thieves stole the network” is right up there with “the dog ate my homework”

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It’s fairly common in some parts of the world where a certain group are well known for it. All they need is an axe. Maybe they’ve travelled here.

I get $12 per kg for copper scrap but that’s for amounts over 300kg