What annoys you? Extra time

Taken from Mrs Wim’s perspective, my view of the bottom left is blocked.
Stupid cat.


Massive companies asking for donations to help a cause. No, how about using some of that profit of yours?


Which foxtel box is that?

Maybe an IQ 5???
Pretty recent.

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I’ve had 3 different people come to my house this week to either deliver a parcel or fix something that have said my surname is too hard to pronounce.

How about you all get farked. It’s not even that bad.


I feel like two thousand and nine is pretty easy… or is it twenty oh nine?


Two double oh nine I think.

200 nein

3/3 is a pretty strong survey.


Is your last name ‘Ng’?

One of them actually said ‘my surname only has 2 letters’.

Yeah, good on ya mate.

We live in Australia and it’s 2023. Names come in all shapes and sizes.

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I remember in primary school the front office said my name over the loud speaker and mangled it. I spent the rest of primary school terrified every time the speaker started to crackle before an announcement.


At my school in the 60s, i used to say a person’s name would either start or end with an O.

The first day in a month where I will pay for electricity… and then a power outage!


If you get some extension cords, we could hook you guys up

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Can you part the clouds as well?

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They’re clogging up every electronic device with unwanted widgets and redirects into an exclusive all-encompassing Office environment. It’s become ridiculous.

They deserve a massive antitrust penalty.

Watched the last few episodes of Shetland on Abc Iview. They must have a set time allowance for the Iview repeats, because I’ve noticed that they’ll often edit out sections of shows. It’s annoying. But it’s a whole new level of rage inducement to do it to a crime drama and choose MID-POLICE-INTERVIEW as a suitable section to edit out a vital exchange!! WTAF were they thinking!?

I hate how for video streaming you need multiple accounts to watch stuff.

Imagine if you had to do the same for your music. Even in the old days you only needed one video shop.

Hopefully it all amalgamates soon.

Seriously can’t see how they could possibly ■■■■ that up.

It’s so obviously Wind :dash:- er - land and not Wine :wine_glass: - der -land.