What annoys you? Extra time

Yes a whole whopping $75.00 a quarter meanwhile, on average prices have increased %40 in the last 2 years.

So with a median average of say $2000 a year which I would say is generous our bills have increased by easily $400 a year.

So we are paying $100 more and supposed to be thankful.

Your maths makes that 2.5% inflation (2000–>2100), so yes; it’s officially perfect!

Jeepers mate calm your jets, didnt realise you had shares.

Yep, had them over 50 years

Schweet, makes sense now

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People who don’t pick up after their dogs on the nature strip. It’s not ■■■■■■■ hard ■■■■■■■■■.

When the revolution begins, and I am put in charge, they will be the first put against the wall.


And the people who pick up after their dogs but then put it in a newly emptied rubbish bin on their walk just so they don’t put it in their own.

Against the wall!!!


Witches hats on the westgate but no work actually going on

It will start at midnight, last an hour, then they’ll rwmove the witches hats at 6am.

Except those folks who leave their wheelie bins on the kerb for 3-4 days after collection.

If they can’t be arsed bringing their bins in, they deserve to have all sorts of ■■■■ placed in them…


Yep, that’s fair.

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Watching sports documentaries or sports highlight packages where it sounds like they’ve put new commentary over the footage to suit exactly what they need it to be. So not the actual commentary from the live telecast.

Seems like it happens in the F1 highlights or that Drove to Survive show, but I just watched the 4 part series in Beckham, and it sounded similar. (Enjoyed the series tho)