What Annoys You More


When you meet, give him my regards. I just hope that FCFC does not spoil your reunion.


15c outside, turn heat up to 24
26 outside, turn AC to 20

WTF is that about?


Poor clothing choices? I leave both of mine on 20.


If you mean 2 different appliances, with two different efficiencies, and 2 different thermostats that is not really strange.


Located in two different areas


One of which is entirely in your kitchen.


Also, I’ve never had an inverter/rev cycle in my own place, ( I have solar passive design, and a shade cloth with water spray Coolgardi safe type set up for super hot days), but it strikes me that with the thermostat sensor in the unit, as they are, and the unit installed at ceiling level as they do, … then due to cool air sinking, and warm rising, that would also make perfect sense.

So, set at 26 at ceiling level, equals maintaining approx 22 on the couch, set at 20 at ceiling level for AC, = approx 18-19 on the couch.

A reversable ceiling fan to circulate would probably sort it, as it does for my wood heater in Winter.


How did this have no likes, people?



Too much Hot English on your o/wise perfect Roast Beef n Cheese sandwich.

Also, … being out of Horseradish to make that^ a possibility in the 1st place. :rage:


Just add a layer of mayo to cool it down.


Or HTFU. :innocent:


Rsole bus drivers. He can see people waiting at lights to cross for the bus, so he shuts the door and moves 2m from the bus stop (still with red light and now us running), says sorry i can’t open the door as I’m away from the stop. 3/4 of your bus is still in it, rsole!


Bike riders who (illegallly, when not accompanying a child) ride along the footpath, then swing without warning across a zebra crossing (not legal if not dismounted) and then glare at you for not immediately stopping for them. I was only going jogging pace so could stop, but I jolly well shouldn’t have bothered.


That’s bad but buses are on the receiving end of some shocking driving, too. How often do you see a bus indicate to pull out and the line of traffic keeps on going, each car shepherding for the next, ignoring the ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’ or whatever sign on the back of the bus. I reckon I’ve seen up to 10 cars do this. The first might be reasonable and maybe even the second if it would be impossible or dangerous to stop, but from there it’s just selfish as well as illegal.


Bus drivers have a hard life. They are often the recipient of bad car driving habits. Just to balance the ledger today - after I picked up my car (getting serviced- that’s why I’m on the buses today) I’m stuck trying to enter the main Rd. Nice bus driver sees this and allows me to pull in front of him. Bus driver karma ledger is now even for today.


When I stop for them after the 6 cars in front of me pretended not to see their indicator, they almost always wave. As they should, but still…


Cyclists just need their own paths

Too fast for the pavement.
Too slow for the road.


nah - that’ll just give them 3 places to ride as they wish.


Never felt brave enough to try pasta from a takeaway

This has me feeling justified


Takes more effort to buy takeaway carbonara than make it, just about. Especially if you have your own chickens.