What Annoys You More


I have a brother in law I was complaining to about a roughly 2 km stretch of road the Mamils flock to on weekends. It’s between me and the shops, and sat am it’s chockas with cars and bikes. Bikes (legally) refuse to go single file to allow cars to squeeze past, meaning in a 60 zone you are mostly going 40 or less in you own suburb because of visitors who like to get in the way. The brother in law says to me yes he knows the stretch and it’s quite dangerous so when he’s riding there on his own he rides right out in the middle of the road so cars have no chance of overtaking as that might be dangerous.

I don’t really use FFS, but FFS…


I dont really care about the slow down. Im a pretty patient man on the road…

But bugger me I know im the one wearing the life time of mental scars if I ever accidently hit and kill a cyclist. Either you dont see em, or they do something stupid, or I accidently do. At least if we are both in a car at low speed hopefully both dont end up dead.

Moto bike riders worry me a bit like that too.


bike riders in yarraville, you’ve got a dedicated bike path, ■■■■ off the road.


GST on items purchased overseas. Just noticed it occurring on eBay and it got me trying to work out the justification. What service or goods did I avail myself of in this jurisdiction that justifies the impost. Rort.


Thank the current liberal government for this one. And that dinosaur of retail Gerry Harvey.


I put him in the Gina Reinhart category.

First against the wall come the revolution. Along with the farkers who allow his avarice and sense of entitlement to influence policy that negatively affects the rest of us.


Where were you when you bought it?
Where did you have it delivered?


Here and here.


So why should it escape taxation?


When people brag how tall their kid is. probay the depths of being a parent having to tell everyone how tall your kid is.


Well let’s reverse engineer the question and ask why the situation of no-GST in such circumstances prevailed for decades? What changed?


E commerce.


my kid is tall but


When random strangers make a point of telling me I’m tall, asking me how tall I am, then telling me all about their cousin’s uncle’s mailman’s dog walker who’s also tall.


Funnily enough, I have never experienced that in my entire life, nor will I ever. :wink:


I have. It annoys the fk out of me too.

Particularly at Family gatherings, because all my Brothers are 5 or 6 inches shorter, … so, … you can imagine how often it gets commented on, … Same bluddy relos too, … year after fking year.


Like Azza, do people comment that your mailman was tall?


If I only had a Dollar, … :roll_eyes:


I kinda do it but with how short she is!


I love genetics.