What Annoys You More


Not even living in Japan?

Jeebus, you must be short :wink:


Dad WAS a shortarse…have no idea about the mailman…:thinking:


Not in Hobbiton either.


Friends ask me out to lunch, sit there and do nothing but check their phones. I ate my lunch and left, sent them a message and said, see’ya. They didn’t even know I was gone. Howzat?


Scalding hot coffee (cap).
How is that even a thing anymore?
I’m very grumpy.


Some people ask for it that way.

I tell them just to drink it normally then drink anothery.


I don’t think I’m that much of a coffee snob, but in my opinion boiling coffee is rubbish coffee, even when it cools down.


I feel like if your coffee is getting made by a baby boomer in the suburbs (or anywhere rural) , it’s going to be about 900 degrees.


Prolly Chirnside Park.


In-laws from Croydon…every time you take them out for coffee ‘extra hot, milky flat white’. Refuse to take them to anywhere decent.


There’s actually good joints out here now.
But yeah, anywhere you see staffed by old people is gunna be gross.


My Mum still drives all the way from the Yarra Valley to buy meat from Rainbow Meats in Chirnside Park, as she has done for 30 years now.

That reminds me of something that annoys me. When you go out somewhere for dinner and are served a crap steak. It doesn’t happen often, but it still happens. Do you eat it, complain, or just get up and leave?


Not in Port Fairy. One or two excellent coffee shops…as long as they triple filter the town water. Maybe even 5 or 6 really good ones…I only frequent one.


I will complain if the piece of meat is bad enough.


I reckon plenty of those EFC punters who paid $725 for a lunch of rabbit terrine at the MCG on Anzac Day and were rushed to hospital would have complained as well.


I love rabbit but no way will I eat any form of terrine :nauseated_face:


Made by baby boomers?


Here’s something annoying, how come rabbits cost about 700 bucks a kilo

They’re a fucken pest, they breed like, erm, and take about a month to raise to full size.

What’s the deal?


What’s the deal with that


It’s science.

Steaming the milk forces air bubbles into It that attach to the protein as it heats. The lactose in the milk becomes sweeter as the temperature rises Giving it a smooth silky texture.

When milk exceeds 65 - 70 degrees it rapidly begins to break down and as it approaches boiling point the milk not only loses its texture but begins to sour which in turn, sours the flavour of your coffee.

People who like their coffee boiling hot because they can then take their time to drink it are basically drinking sour milk. The chemical change has still occurred and the milk, even though cooled, still has no texture and a sour flavour.