What Annoys You More


And I reckon the best thing about the coffee in Port Fairy is the delicious Jersey milk from Timboon. Coffee from Cartel Roasters in Geelong.


Good steaks down your way too


Nearly pulling a hamstring running for the bus.
Still missing the bus despite nearly pulling the hammy.


Have a friend who is a professional rabbit hunter. He goes out to a few spots around our area and shoots 100 pair a night on a good night. Sells them to a specialist abattoir in Altona that supplies high end restuarants. Has to be head shots only and he uses low velocity .22 ammo.

He gets $5 a bunny, so makes $1000 on best night. He is the best rifle shot I have ever watched.

He tells me he can only do each area one a month as the rabbits get smart if he goes more often.



Do you know why they don’t farm them? (Or if they do, why so expensive)


Because shooting farmed rabbits is a little too far?


No idea

Maybe it is illegal ? You wouldn’t want to be adding to the problem


I thought they were farmed. The commercial ones do not have the flavour of the wild rabbits. Hence BF’s friend selling them to high end restaurants (who nevertheless look like they are getting them cheaper than the farmed ones).


Sitting on the plane or train and finally getting comfortable when the person behind needs to grab your headrest to move themselves in their seat. ■■■■■■■.


I’ve promised blitz the rant to end all rants about air travel, and this one definitely gets a paragraph or two.

It’s like they’re trying to catapult you into the cockpit. If the airlines weren’t so stingy everyone would have enough space, but it’s almost inhumane now.


Get a better job, earn more money and travel business class - or at least premium economy.


Company policy, gotta travel economy…

At least Melb-Sydney route on qantas is mostly business people anyway, so no one screws around. Most other flights it’s chaos.


Also happens with the row in front where they touch your TV screen so it stops or exits the show you’re watching.


FFS don’t get me started.

…too late.


ever had long hair draped over your tv screen? that’s a good one.


Thanks Joe Hockey.


Poor people don’t fly, anyway.


Or the person behind is trying to operate their touch screen in front of them (but in your seat) by pushing the screen very hard - every time - multiple times.


I think you misspelt “ars ehole” there.