What Annoys You More


Cut that ■■■■.


you’d probably have to chew through with, with the lack of scissors on a plane and all.


On one flight I had one bloke in front of me hook his arm around the headrest to his left. His meaty arm and fat fingers covered TWO tv screens in our row, mine included. Once I recovered from my incredulity I lifted his fingers one by one off my screen. He turned around to look at me and I merely said ‘I was watching that.’ Some people’s concept of consideration for others is non-existent. You see it a thousand times a day on the road.


Precisely. Issue is all about lifters and leaners.


Eh. I find that putting up with all that kind of sht is quite tolerable when you’re paying $55 for something that probably should cost a lot more than that.


NAILED IT - therein lies the problem


You forgot “just have rich parents”.


People who keep their backpacks on while standing on packed trams.


yep - on the list of “Being completely oblivious to how your actions affect others”

a lot of “what annoys you about people” comes down to this fundamental - people not considering or caring about how their action(s) impact upon others.


Premium Economy doesn’t solve the problem. People are still ■■■■■.

You NEVER EVER have a reason to touch the seat in front of you. There’s arm rests you ■■■■■■■ nuffy.


Food packed in plastic that doesn’t need to be packed in plastic. It’s been said before, by many, probably even back in this thread somewhere. But if people didn’t buy this carp, then they wouldn’t have to complain about things like this:


Describing his health and eating regimen as “important” because of his work as a multi-titled boxing champion, Mr Savva explained the alarming discovery left him “disgusted” and ill.

what a wanka


Popeye would have scoffed it. He wasn’t wimpy.


Absolute toss-boy looking for a free ride.

Shut up and eat your rat, arsehat.


Floor is dirty. So sorry but I ain’t putting my backpack down…


If you are that concerned by a dirty floor of a tram, you may just be better off walking through the city


hold it off the floor


People who think it’s alright to pull out a phone/iPad and watch Netflix or the footy in a restaurant when they’ve finished their meal.

Seriously get the hell out of here


Tripped over my printer power cord and somehow strained a pectoral muscle. Pulled muscles before - felt different this one to such an extent that I thought maybe I fractured a rib. Never even knew there was muscles there. Really sore now that it’s cooled down.


The flu.

It can get ■■■■■■.