What annoys you?


That ad for ANZ mobile payment or whatever it is where the two wastes of ■■■■■■■ skin try to use their mobile to pay for fruit by tapping it on the “honesty box”.

Also the Telstra ad for streaming where the chick says “nice grab”. Terrible, terrible business.


Any NAB commercial where they are seriously trying to sell ‘it isn’t all about the money’.
These kind of ads should incur a mandatory public stocks punishment.



Full Stop.


I was going to post about this ad.


So genuine, those photos.


So heartwarming. Makes me believe banks aren’t in existence for making money. They make feel good memories.



Commonwealth with record $10 billion profit this year…

“At the Commonwealth, … we’re all about you


The pavlova photo has the same old pedo that grabs the drumsticks from “nans chicken roast” while commeti commentates.


You know what the worst ones are though - I’m sure you’ll agree.
How the AFL has gotten away with their Foxtel shows sponsored by that pos company ultra tune and their atrocious commercials, I don’t know. They should be flooded with objections. It really beggars belief.


Yep - that’s what they tell the shareholders, I’m sure.


I know! Add it to the list dude.


When your 5yo sees a NAB sign from the car and says “more than money” then you can be extra annoyed like me


MRP inconsistancy.


So on the back of some “Thats the best it’s been in years” comments after last weeks re launch, I tuned in to TFS for the first 30 mins.

So far it’s been players GF’s, … engagements,. wives, honeymoons, mothers, big middle fingers and how dirty & hilarious that all is, and about 10 mins all about new C/wood player, & the upcoming New C./wood Geelong “Brain” game, (an oxymoron if there ever was one when it comes to those 2 teams) .

It took just one week with FatHeddie in charge for it to become the Pies show again.


Never again.

Edit: I forgot the 5 minutes of watching footballers watching last weeks Footy Show, … riveting stuff that!!


Senator Malcolm Roberts and his anti-intellectual bullshit, if you voted for One Nation I sincerely think you should give yourself an uppercut!


I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks, because I’m not sure of the response I’m going to get, but here goes…

Some of you may know - I have two daughters - 8 years old, and 5 years old. In the last 8 years, 7 months, and 3 days - I have not sworn once in front of my children. Not even a bugger, bluddy, or barstad.

And then I take them to their first game of footy a few weeks ago (vs North Melbourne) and somewhere during the second(?) quarter umpiring debacle the peanut (Essendon supporter) behind me decides that from the very top row of the second level of Etihad stadium, that the umpires need to hear some criticism laced with the loudest and finest F and C-bombs he can muster.

I’ve held my tongue for over 8 and a half years, this peanut couldn’t last an hour with kids literally in the seat right in front of him.

2 things:

  1. I understand sport is emotional. But, paying for your ticket does not give you the right to scream obscenities repeatedly. You are still in a public space, surrounded by humans. Act like one.

  2. The anti-social behaviour reporting number needs to be visible all match long. Not just flashed up once or twice a quarter or during the half time break. I don’t know if this is an Essendon thing or an Etihad thing - but it would be good to have that number more readily accessible.


I think at the MCG the anti-social number is permanently up near the scoreboard. Might be wrong. Either way, I agree, it should be permanently displayed at all venues.


Agree 100% mate.


Sounds like you’re doing a lovely job of bringing up your daughters.

Speaking from experience, an important and difficult part of parenting is teaching your kids that they will experience things outside the home (and your control) that go against the values they have been taught. It’s not an easy conversation to have with ones so young but it’s really important, and becomes more so as they grow older and become more independent.

I do understand your frustration though, that kind of behavior at the footy is not acceptable.


Thanks Darli. It’s hard work, but worth it when people say nice things!

Definitely - I tend to think most major conflict usually comes from somebody or some entity trying to push their values on somebody/something else. I think if we can teach kids respect and tolerance for other people’s values, without compromising their own, then we’ll go a long way to raising good people.