What annoys you?


I find Trent Cotchin pretty annoying.


So I bought a used triumph from a monopolistic qld motorcycle dealer who will remain unnamed for now. Test rode bike with pillion pegs, signed a contract including dual seat ctp, paid for it in full, no finance. Bike was delivered to one of their dealers closer to home a few days later, picked up bike today, took it home then noticed no pillion pegs. Checked delivery contract - single seat ctp (they changed the contract after I paid in full and didn’t mention it at all). Fortunately I took a photo of it after I test rode it, yes, definitely had pegs. Fkn can’t believe these carnts and what they will pull to make an extra 100 bucks on a 6.5k sale.
Actually, I will name them: Team fkg ■■■■ (not the first time I’ve had issues with them either).


You’re half right, has been ruled relatively recently that F is A OK

NB the F word is spelled out in this article repeatedly. What the judge said can be a bit ■■■■■■■ confronting.


If only there was some way of retaining phone numbers!!


People on forums using ‘loose’ as the opposite of win.
You could say they’re being fast and loose with the world ‘lose’.


Well yeah, but y’know…

It’s like…

When you have that person at work who’s always around when there’s nothing to be done, but the minute you need them, they’re nowhere to be found.

Sort of.



■■■■■ ■■■■■■.



Hipster Bowie fetishism.

Like a lot of musicians he made some very good music, he occasionally made some awful music too. Seemed like an affable, private bloke in interviews, was creepy as ■■■■ in a b-grade film but I’ll never understand it beyond that. Then there’s Talking Heads…


… who were objectively fantastic…



Heard the ad for this farkin joint just then. On the radio. I think this is the worst radio ad I’ve ever heard. Everything about it. The thumping background noise. The frantic female voice. The script - ■■■ the script!

“Hello DayHab? Help me please! My son - he’s on ICE. He’s acting crazy…yes… he says that he’s ready to be helped…yes… we’ll bring him straight in…”



That’ll be $1000 dollars a day thanks.

He’ll have to stay for 4 weeks minimum for us to help, … more likely 6 - 8.

We’ll just need your Credit Card number …


I had a relative who recently (last 12 months) required the help of a rehabilitation service. He insisted that as he had blown every dollar he had and had sold every asset he owned that we (his family) put up the cost. We decided to fund his attendance at a modest but reasonably successful local service that was subsidised somewhat by the state but still had an out of pocket component. He said he had done some research of his own between getting bent and had decided he wanted to attend a facility that is based in Qld that charges $70,000+ for a 6x week stint. We did the sums and worked out that it was cheaper for him to remain hooked on meth.


Was she Sarah?


What ended up happening diggers?


We said we’ll pay for the local facility or he can p*ss off. He wasn’t happy and he carried on but he eventually conceded. To his credit he embraced the process and is now (to the best of my knowledge) clean. Speaking to him now that the dust has settled, what is interesting is that he was mentally prepared to stop using when he came to us. That’s the key I believe. The user has to want to stop. So far so good but looking back, there are some rogue for-profit operators in this field who are making a very good clip.


Just as there are in any area that the state has privatised instead of taking responsibility as they should.


Double standards in this forum.
Players get called all kinds of ■■■■, ours included. Libeled and labeled, and no-one gives a fark.
I make up a silly little ‘heil Langford’ pic that even the squarest of squares would see as a bit of fun, and it gets deleted. EAD.


I’ve never been to the Langford thread. Does he look like A Hitler?


He did in that pic…kinda.