What annoys you?



Mrs Brem’s brother is a pee pee head.


He’s family, so I think you should do your best to help him with his immediate issue.
I would say to him, ‘ok we’ll try but they’ve been calling him that for 8 years so there’ll be an adjustment period’. And then make a good faith half assed effort. Then I think I would try to get pipi to work on getting him to relax about it. I feel like it’s not really your job to set him right on this seeing as he is an in law.

Just my two cents obviously… good to hear you’re voting YES and I enjoy your posts so I’m looking forward to more of your blitz wisdom!


What does Pipi have to say about it ? Maybe you should ask him and be guided by what he says.

Families can be pains in the backside, but take it from someone who has not spoken with his Sister for a long time and his youngest Son for about 8 years that it is better to work through the issue than cut and run.


What annoys me? The failure by many to remember this special day from 24 years ago (today). Prelim vs Crows. Feel fortunate to have been smack bang on the wing. Tale of two halves. The fightback. All the goals were special, but I lost my voice when Timmy, Boris and Merc goaled. One of the best games I have ever seen live at the G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBCdsh3-h4U - p.s Wanganeen dominated. McGrath in 2017 reminds me of Gav.


Sorry - wrong link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mAbthWq-js


All two cents’ worth are valued! Thanks for the feedback. I agree @Split_Infinity - I feel like it’s not my place to intervene, but y’know… family and all that. I keep coming back to “grow up, get over it, it’s just a name”

@Bacchusfox Interestingly enough - Pipi thinks it’s all a bit of a laugh - and I’d be inclined to agree with him if it wasn’t causing Mrs Brem the angst. With what their family has been through of late, this is a pretty minor issue and I doubt there would ever be any cut and run - they’re all pretty close.

Anyhow - Mrs Brem has decided in her wisdom that ignoring it will make it go away - so we’ll see how that pans out. I’m going to handle it like an adult, and teach my nephew to say I love Pipi.


People who simply don’t understand the rules of boxing, who feel the need to share their opinion about who won or lost a fight…

… particularly boxing judges :stuck_out_tongue:


not that theres anything wrong with that.


News presented as something that sells out in seconds or a hot product Facebook users are raving about.


People who leave a 30 metre gap between cars when turning on green arrows.


Worst thing about having nerdy friends: they are apparently TERRIBLE at organising Bucks nights.

Legit sent email saying X, Y or Z date. Fine. 90% responded, mostly happy on either Y or Z date.

Four weeks later: “hi guys thanks for your help responding to the question. We are doing it on Q date instead.”

Two days after that: “we can’t do that date either”.

They are now onto a date number 5, which is of course Cup day weekend. Which I can’t go to, having pencilled in dates X Y and Z.

Do they hate norks or something?


People who turn onto 40kmh roads like they’re turning onto 80kmh roads.


or freeways


It’s baaaaaack…hay fever ffs


Better than the fellow groomsmen who dont help or chip in to fund the thing. Lost $1200 in deposits as the groom overestimated attendees and we lost the venue and poker company



People are ■■■■ sometimes.


Last bucks weekend I went to, there was one bloke…when it was his shout everyone got pots of FarkCarlton Draught, when it was anyone else’s shouts he’s ordering spirits or Kilkenny pints ffs.


What annoys me?
Richmond supporters that have been MIA for 37 years and now all of a sudden they’re Richmond supported again…
Just like fark Carlton supporters.


Thats a ■■■■■■ no-go whenever you shout. Unwritten rule states that you order what everyone else is drinking in the shouting syndicate. If you want anything different, you pay your own.