What annoys you?


Australian trick-and-treaters are DUMB.

Never had one come to my place. It’s a block of units, you can hit 10 doors in less than 100 metres. This kind of arrangement should be your primary target to maximise your returns.


You should read the positivity thread. Heart has all i’ve been thinking of lately!


Yep, had 2x 2 kids come, aged between 4 and 6, gone to a lot of trouble to look the part.

I asked them how they had been going, said they had been to 6 houses and no one had given them anything :disappointed:

Went to my pantry, didn’t have much in the way of sweets, but found some Snickers bars, 2 lots of kids went away happy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazes me the number of cars that speed through when a tram stops. How there are not more accidents involving people getting off trams staggers me.
Is it cos people don’t know the rules around trams or are people just ■■■■ holes.


How about people walking on the left side of footpath or keeping left when walking anywhere for that matter!


I cry everytime someone says ‘dogs breakfast’.


Pls don’t keep constantly calling on No Caller ID and not leave a voice message…


A little of column A…
There’s a lot of people drive for a long time before they meet a tram.


probably telemarketers or debt collectors.


That reminds me.
I’ve taken to leaving an umpires whistle beside the phone for the next prick from ‘Telstra’ telling me my computer has a virus.


My dear old Mum got stung by that one - unfortunately she’d trust just about anyone


That sucks.
The whistle is too good for them.


I normally string them along and then eventually let them know I’m not with Telstra.

Even falling into boiling acid is too good for them.


I was at my sister’s place yesterday. They had two of those calls while I was there.

I just never answer anything where I don’t recognise the number. If they’re legit, they can leave a message.


It’s never legit. Telcos don’t call you if there is a virus, just like banks don’t call you or e-mail and ask for your PIN.


I’m annoyed by neighbour’s cat constantly wandering around my yard and walking over my car. It even came into the house the other day after my daughter left the front door open.

It’s going to have a serious farking accident soon and that will be last of it.


I mean any caller whose number I don’t recognise.

I had 2 on the mobile and one on the landline in quick succession a few weeks back, so I answered the third one which turned out to be the local doctor’s surgery asking me to come in.


Getting quoted $8k to upgrade a single phase ~10m mains cable and box, and move a meter box 4m. Then getting asked why I chose not to go ahead. FMD… (one of those large multi-trade service mobs)

Subsequent quotes for same were $1-2k


I understand your frustration, but it is possibly a much loved pet. Think about the impact of that first. Perhaps a quiet talk with the neighbours is all that is needed?


Yes! When, and why, did this change? So many people now walk on the right. Why? Was there a Memo To All People that I somehow missed - directing everyone to henceforth immediately switch their footpath perambulations to the opposite side?