What annoys you?




Turn the hose on them or throw a bucket of water at them. and strew a few mothballs around in places where they are likely to rest. Citrus peel also helps to deter them.
But overall a dog is the best deterrent.


Morally repugnant sociopaths with an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. Find another planet.


I have a dog, but being socially responsible I keep him secured in the back yard and don’t let him wander the neighborhood. I’ll try the citrus peels, but the damn thing keeps climbing on my car and leaving paw prints.

I don’t know which neighbor it belongs to, but why do people just let their pets wander outside their house? I might try catching it and handing to the council. Hopefully they get the message quickly.


And to add to this, how about keeping to the left on escalators when stationary like the Poms do, so those of us in a hurry can pass on the right?


Darkknightphoenix and the fact that we can’t ignore someone.


except when you are jet lagged in Stockholm and get whacked across the head by a wee old lady.

Very serious about standing to the left are the Swedes.


And Venice.
“Respect the left!”


■■■■■■ foreigners! worst part about being overseas


So dad had triple bypass. Mum sent Centrelink letter stating with medical certificates and all the usual stuff saying he’s having the operation. Get letter today saying ‘he can still work for 8 hours a week’ from Friday last week (the day before the operation). Please ensure you meet your obligations…



Now THAT deserves a double FFS. What a bunch of Rsoles.


Not nice. I have to go with mum on Monday to their office to get that sorted out.

Hopefully some poor overworked person simply overlooked it.


That’s disgusting. Take it straight to your local MP.


That would be Mark Dreyfus.

@Bacchusfox would he be interested in helping out with something like this?


Texting and driving. Should be mandatory loss of license for 3 months. Cars are all over the road.


The ATO are just as stupid. When my dad died, i sorted out all his paperwork. Sent a letter to the ATO, including a death certificate. A letter turned up about six weeks later addressed to Dad, thanking him for the notifications of his change in circumstances and amending his tax assessment. They also asked if there was an issue with his bank account as they had tried to issue a refund but the bank wouldn’t accept the payment…oh ffs…

PS: it still isn’t resolved with the ATO.


It’s kind of tacky advice but you’ll get a quicker response if you go to a politician who’s not in government. They’re very motivated to ask question of the minister responsible. Things get resolved quickly that way.


Mark Dreyfus is one of the good guys. Call his office and explain the issue and I reckon they will help.

If you have any issues, send me a message.


I agree, should be similar to DD penalties


I own the following guernsey’s:

  • Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspurs)
  • Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)
  • Mark Austin (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Paddy Ryder (Essendon)
  • Stewart Crameri (Essendon)