What annoys you?


Herro, and welcome to movie phone…


Did you practice your accents like I did?


ha - Mrs Doe’s mobile number is similar to a locksmith number. Sometimes finds a string of messages from an increasingly irate person asking if they are going to come and let them in or not.

kinda amusing, rather than annoying


Training cannot come soon enough. The post trade “week” lull has BBlitz in near hibernation. Only thing stopping the tumbleweeds is Diggers’ Hot Indian thread.


There’s nothing like a hot curry to get things moving…


Do you do liver pizza?


" and now can i have your credit card number to complete the order prease"


Can you do a photshop image for us please?


mmm… nothing there to inspire me at the moment. But since you said please I went through the archives and found this as a trip down BBlitz memory lane.


Yeah but weirdos live in flats. The kidz are smarter than you think.


Chefs, especially celebrity chefs, but all chefs, really
Good ones, I mean, the ones with the snooty attitude who think what this world really needs is another braised quotquot in a rococo of couscous
And people who like all that ■■■■, like John Hindle and Claude Forrell and all those food critics

By Christ, when your life’s specialty is forcing another morsel of over-glazed lamb shank down your oily, globular, over-opinionated gullet
When, of all the things in the world men are called to do, of all the vocations of love and adventure, of all the trials of the emotions and amongst all the voyages of spirit mankind can embark upon
When, given this whole universe of possible callings, the one you choose is to sit on your crapulent crack and lazily whine about someone else’s cooking, that’s when you know you are at the very acme of the BFW ■■■■ heap


Love your rant - and I can’t stand celebrity wanker cooks.
But I do love cooking and I do consider it an art-form as well as a rewarding passion.


When that celebrity chef thing kicked off mid 2000’s, levels of culinary pretension hit some lofty levels with some misguided suburbanites. Mates who worked tables in a nice restaurant used to tell me stories of idiots who suddenly acted like they were giving Michelin ratings.

Finish your lobster bisque and fark owwf!


Masterchef also went a long way to ruining what people think it means to be a chef. You can’t just become a pro in two months, you don’t know what it means to be a head chef because you did a tv show, and they gave you an hour to prepare ONE dish.


An old mate from High School who now runs his own small construction company said the same about The Block and the snappy expectations of a lot of people.


You can pick the ones you like…I quite enjoy Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Paul Hollywood and the Hairy Bikers.

Not elaborate tosh like Adrian Zumbo.

If you’re looking at useless people - fashion designers and their useless hangers-on.


Tradie mates of mine reckon those shows are the best thing that’s ever happened for their businesses.


I don’t know anyone who’s lasted long as a chef, very very tough and demanding hours/lifestyle. Hard to maintain social life/relationships doing the shifts they do.


I used to like Jamie - a long time ago - before his incessant and annoying attempts to stay youthfully relevant - I can’t stand the bottle-tossing, the nifty catch-phrases like - “let’s go in with the lemon juice…gorgeous!”
Rick Stein travels around my favourite locals, so that’s a plus. He’s really just a drunkard meandering his way through a show, though. And he has a whiney voice.
Haven’t seen the others.

The only TV chefs I can stomach are ones that just farking cook, without the bullshit. Martin is ok. Can’t think of any others.


Don’t watch much TV but it astounds me how many cooking shows there still are, or even the emergence of cooking and travel show crossover.