What annoys you?


WIthout “reality” TV, how would we know we were terrible human beings, accepting a life lived in squalor? Where would we be if TV networks had to pay actors in prime time, buy materials and sets, and had to break from the program to show advertisements?

TV was once labelled “the opiate of the masses”, to extend on that, reality TV is the bikie bathtub meth of the masses.


True, a few mass genocides, along with quite a few smaller by scale last century weren’t quite enough.


Still love the old ‘Floyd on X’ series when they get a re-run.

Him and his producer are always fairly tipsy to say the least.



Never seen the show…seen the ads for it though, and if you watch that, you simply shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


Would love to see their casting requirements. “Obese, over opinionated jerks only need apply”. That “show” truly is the bottom of the barrel.


Sounds like half the people on blitz


but when i do it, i’m funny…


When your work laptops charger or battery carks it and you have documents and reports due in 2 weeks with no computer and unknown time of repair from Lenovo as the education department has moved to ACER and our technician has no old Lenovo batteries or chargers.

Needless to say unless they provide me with replacements parts asap I’m not going to be able to get work done at home and refuse to use my home computer.


Workplace politics. Glorified high school ■■■■■■■ contests.


Been in a kitchen working, as a dish pig, and, eventually, an (unqualified) Sou Chef.

Split shifts are a complete drain.


Pull the drive, grab the docs, edit elsewhere.
Next time, save online.


You’re annoyed you can’t do any work? You and I have different priorities.


Cant with privacy laws and names of minors


Its more the expectations of the parents and leadership. Doesnt help the computers are rubbish and you’re locked into using the department issued devices for at least 5 years… in my case, pushed out to 6 due to new staff… mine carked it this year when Im due one next year due to the pushout.


When my laptop battery suddenly died, I was told to take out the battery and plug into the mains, pending replacement. Ii worked


If they think that a department laptop secures Privacy, tell them they are dreaming. Anyone with a will can hack it, and, if it involves minors, the dark side would be on the watch.
In my past life, we were forbidden from putting anything work related on a department or personal lap top - Iinside or outside the office - because, on the facts, they ran the risk of breaching privacy or other security. . . IF the department is making you use a laptop at home to do your work, ask them what security arrangements they have made to avoid hacking.


Tried that. Didn’t work. Think its the charger


Why would the department pay for laptops if they could not have anything work-related on them?


Po rn ?


LOL Good point