What annoys you?


Sorry, should have said anything sensitive


Aaaaaaannd one month later…

Same issue yet again. Every bill they charge me for a mini TV box that I don’t have. When I originally got set up with Optus Fetch TV, they sent me a mini set-top box (normally used for a second TV) instead of the large box (with record function etc, used for your main TV). They corrected the mistake and sent me the bigger box and asked me to return the mini box which I duly did. Every month since they have charged me an extra $10 on my bill for having the additional mini box. Every month I ring them and tell them I have returned it and don’t want to see it on my bill again. Every month they say it will be removed and won’t re-appear. The funny thing iis they can tell by my usage that I don’t have it and am only using the one set-top box. I’m typing this as I’m on hold waiting to talk to one of those oh-so-helpful call-centre folks. Yet again.

Farking idiots.


I’m not a religious person, at all. I have no issue with religious people and beliefs, providing they don’t adversely effect others.
But here’s my gripe - seriously - pointing your finger up at the sky if you win a competitive game??? Really??? What kind of deity do you believe in that watches a boxing match/footy game/tennis match and decides to award it to someone? And no, it’s not about ‘dedicating a win’ to your god. That’s not my gripe. It’s the whole ‘god watched over me and gave me this victory’ bullshit that really ■■■■■■ me off. Like the deity wouldn’t have better things to do than support your stupid little sporting achievement over someone else. You’re not that important, ok? Not even from a world-perspective, let alone from a supernatural one ffs…


And American sports that emphasise a player’s faith as being a big part of who they are.

I reckon if any Australian commentator started bringing that crap up would be given the order of the elbow quick smart.

Take a fking knee…fk off! It’s a major, major part of what’s totally f**ked up about the USA.


So if they get a long term injury, is that God testing them, or the hand of Satan?


I think it’s God telling them they have to contribute more of their money to the church…preferably 100%.


One day I’d like to see the opposite of the “thank gud” routine by a sportsman.

“Yeah, we were all over them in the last until FUCKEN JESUS REJECTED MY SWEET FADEAWAY”!


“I’d like to thank the Lord for making the other guy lose so badly…his face looks like minced meat…”


“Hail Satan for allowing me to beat the guy with Jesus on his side”


can you imagine the uproar if a Muslim australian said “allahuh akbar” in a post match interview?


Not too sure, actually. You reckon? Maybe I’m being naive? It just means ‘god is the greatest’.


Can you remember how much Cathy freeman copped for flying the Australian indigenous flag?


I tried to reply in lots of ways, but all failed. People are farked.
That’s instead of my usual pio8uhN(*&&yup9ewur[8f0


Some are. But some people are great too.


Oh, I have a lot of faith in ‘individuals’.
Not so much in ‘people’ (s)


Most people are neither ■■■■■■ nor great, but a little bit of both.




God must have been tying his shoelace or sumpin’, coz I hit that shot perfeck. I’m so ■■■■■■ with him and Jesus right now.


According to his co-religionists, Him and Jesus is the same person.

Just saying.


The only Holy Trinity I recognise is onion, celery and capsicum for Cajun dishes.

Adjust for relevant cuisines.