What annoys you?


If you have named, or are thinking of naming, your girl ‘Crystal’ - you should be neutered.


Is there any gemstone that’s acceptable though?


Maybe ‘Ruby’.
No, not ‘Sapphire’ ffs…


What about Krystle ?


I don’t mind Pearl. And while I don’t like it much, there are many worse names than Crystal going around at the moment.


What about euthanasia?




‘Jasper’ for a boy is ok.
But if you spell it ‘Giaspa’ I’m going to punch you in the head.



I have friend called Sapphira (it’s Sapphire but in Hebrew and she is not Jewish)

Gets called Sapphy most of the time.


Met a boy called Crimson a few years ago.
Actually, if my name were Crimson I’d wear an eye-patch and talk like a pirate.


My sister always laughs about a kid on Jeopardy (Kids Week) named Cerulean (a shade of blue).

I don’t know what his mums were thinking…and he was the sort of kid who just needs a punch in the nose.


Jade and Amber are OK, went to primary school with an Emerald.


rule of thumb, don’t name your children, especially daughters after shiny things.


2018 members scarfe.


LOL yep the early reviews aren’t promising.


People underrate how hard it is to design a good black and red scarf.

Donate to the Scarf Plan.


Many moons ago, I worked with a girl named Topaz.
I thought it was interesting and unique.

Not sure how Deckham will view the above entry though ?


I think it’s wise to not name your child after a virtue that could turn out to be ironic.


I’d call this year’s scarf a rather minimal effort at “design”.


Chocolate assortments don’t have a hard option anymore.
Like a peanut brittle, or a toffee, or…anything like that.
Just asking for one in there.