What annoys you?


Me too. Did her last name start with S?


Deckham hawks and spits at the name ‘Topaz’




So you worked at a strip joint, sorry…gentleman’s club?


Cannot remember.
We’re talking mid 90’s.

She’d be around 40 years of age now.

No, not a strip club…unfortunately.


Did she have a dark brown voice?


I always chuckle at the old story of Brian Lara naming his daughter Sydney after scoring his first test hundred there…someone said it’s lucky he didn’t score it in Lahore.


I just think you want to be very careful about calling your kid Chastity.
I mean, that’s a lot of expectation.


One of the worst names I have heard of was spelt ABCD, pronounced Ab-sid-ee.


Hasn’t this trope been busted as a myth?
Along with Le-a, pronounced Le-dash-a

Despite everyone’s mum’s neighbour’s husband’s brother teaching both of those kids at primary school.


People staffing birth registrations should be armed, and prepared to use it.


Most of the Internet ones that go around only prove that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

And to prove this is only a new phenomenon:


And what’s with those farking Welsh people, anyway???
Learn how to spell, ok!!!


Oldest continually spoken language in Europe.


Amazing! And they still can’t spell properly after all this time!


You reckon the Taffies can’t spell…try the Paddies.

I once saw a kid called (in English) Rory, and they spelt it Ruaidhairi. Or something similar.


When you start cleaning (or in my case clearing) out the laundry and as you clean that and put stuff away to areas where they should be you end up cleaning every other part of the house.

Wanting to clean one area now feels like i’ve just let off a bomb in the house and it feels a mess.


Friday afternoons that seem to drag along, hurry up ffs


Newspapers telling me what I’m “doing wrong” when I travel on a plane, on a boat, in my ■■■■■■■ car, or when I go to the fricken toilet - and offering me “hacks”. ■■■■ off. People shouldn’t be getting paid to write that ■■■■!


I know I might be perpetuating it right here but I loathe ‘fake news’ becoming more prominent within common vernacular.